Housing, Planning and Development

The CIF provides its members with the information and knowledge required to operate successfully in today’s complex, fast-changing and increasingly challenging regulatory and business environment. Supports and services are delivered nationally and through a network of regional branches, giving you unrivalled access to information and channels through which to positively shape the factors driving your business.


With the ever changing landscape of the Irish construction industry in mind and based on over 90 years experience representing the industry, the CIF, through the Irish Home Builders’ Association (IHBA) has developed a range of services designed to support companies engaged in the housing and development sectors and all construction companies that interface with the planning system.

As the leading voice of the home building industry in Ireland, the IHBA, through the grassroots strengths of its members, has effected significant policy change on behalf of the housing industry and is the leading source of information and advisory services on all housing-related planning and development issues.

The IHBA/CIF’s services are delivered through a network of regional branches. With a presence in every county in the country, members are assured of a one-to-one policy, advisory and support service when they need it.

The IHBA/CIF will support and represent members directly when required in discussions with local authorities, state agencies, the construction unions, and at the plethora of labour relations fora including the National Employment Rights Authority, Labour Court, Rights Commissioner Service and the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

On the planning side, members will get expert support on everything from how to get the best deal from your Part V negotiations to issues such as development contributions and taking in charge.

“Members will recoup the cost of membership several times over during the course of the year by accessing the IHBA/CIF comprehensive range of services”

Key Contacts

Hubert Fitzpatrick – Director, Housing, Planning & Development

Hubert Fitzpatrick is responsible for a range of policy functions affecting the construction industry including finance and banking matters, taxation and budgetary policy, housing, development, planning and regulatory policy and the introduction of proposed registration process for the construction industry known as Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI).

Hubert is also Director of the Irish Homebuilders Association and Director for the Federation’s Eastern Region.

01 406 6036

Lorraine Hosty – Executive, Housing Services

Lorraine joined the CIF in 2017 and has 7 years’ experience working in the construction industry on a national and international level.

Lorraine is the Housing, Planning & Development Executive in the CIF and provides advisory services to all CIF members in relation to Housing, Planning and Development and Building Regulation. Lorraine also provides executive support and advice to the Irish Home Builders Association (IHBA) on a wide range of regulatory and advisory topics.

Lorraine is working with the Admissions and Registration Board for the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI), the registration process for builders and contractors.

01 4066028


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