Construction 4.0 Sub-Committee: Areas of Focus for 2020

Construction 4.0 Sub-Committee: Areas of Focus for 2020

22nd Jan 2020 At the Construction 4.0 Sub-Committee meeting, held on Tuesday, 14th January 2020, the new representative nominations were ratified, with Construction 4.0 now having 18 representatives across Civil Engineering, General Construction, Housing, Specialist Contracting and Mechanical & Electrical...

Southern Contractors Kick start Shared Apprenticeship Scheme

17th Apr 2019 Construction companies throughout the southern region of Ireland are joining forces to increase the number of young people entering apprenticeships in the sector. CIF members are working to create co-ops whereby a number of construction companies choose to work collaboratively to provide training...

Get up to speed with the CIF BIM Starter Pack

27th Nov 2018 The CIF BIM Starter Pack is a guide for contractors, enabling them to meet projects digital needs as the construction veers more and more towards the use of these modern methods and innovative techniques in everyday construction projects.