CIF Western & Midland Election Manifesto 2020

CIF Western & Midland Election Manifesto 2020

11th Feb 2020 In order to create balanced regional development as envisaged by “Project Ireland 2040”, the region needs to attract FDI investment which can only be achieved by addressing the regions infrastructural deficits, e.g. the lack of motorways and rail networks is obvious form the following...

CIF 2020 Election Manifesto : Proposed Actions for the next Government

29th Jan 2020 Any future Government will require a thriving and dynamic construction industry to deliver any promises made during the election. The reality is that the Irish society needs the construction industry to deliver 35,000 housing units annually. Our capital cities and regional communities require Irish...

CIF Budget 2020 Statement

10th Oct 2019 Help to Buy scheme extension alone will not address affordability gap for average couple. Public sector procurement reform essential to increasing housing and infrastructure delivery

Get up to speed with the CIF BIM Starter Pack

27th Nov 2018 The CIF BIM Starter Pack is a guide for contractors, enabling them to meet projects digital needs as the construction veers more and more towards the use of these modern methods and innovative techniques in everyday construction projects.

GDPR – The Elephant in the Board Room

9th Apr 2018 GDPR is fast approaching and it is a heavy topic. A recent study in the UK has shown that 35% of leaders in the construction industry do not know what GDPR is while at the same time cyber crime is increasing in this sector.