CIF 2020 Election Manifesto : Proposed Actions for the next Government

CIF 2020 Election Manifesto : Proposed Actions for the next Government

29th Jan 2020 Any future Government will require a thriving and dynamic construction industry to deliver any promises made during the election. The reality is that the Irish society needs the construction industry to deliver 35,000 housing units annually. Our capital cities and regional communities require Irish...

Hazard-identifying app can help designers create safer buildings

22nd Oct 2019 Research shows up to half of construction accidents in the UK have a connection to the design of the building, highlighting the importance of improving designers’ knowledge of hazards and designing safety into developments from the outset of projects.

New Global HQ for King & Moffatt

29th Nov 2018 Mechanical and Electrical Contractors King & Moffatt Building Services has officially opened its new global headquarters in Carrick on Shannon, Ireland. Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the company also announced that it will be significantly expanding its workforce with the creation...

Get up to speed with the CIF BIM Starter Pack

27th Nov 2018 The CIF BIM Starter Pack is a guide for contractors, enabling them to meet projects digital needs as the construction veers more and more towards the use of these modern methods and innovative techniques in everyday construction projects.