Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI)


“CIRI registration gives our company the edge over competitors. Customers have peace of mind that they are dealing with a vetted company committed to offering an exceptional quality of work. CIRI accreditation helps distinguish builders from those that have given the trade a bad name. “ – Finlay Build Limited, CIRI puts the definition of ‘Competent Contractor’ to bed. Being a CIRI registered contractor clearly asserts Acol’s credentials as a Competent Contractor in the eyes of any contracting authority, and maintains our ongoing compliance with all relevant codes and practices.” – Dermot Collier MD, Acol Ltd “As CIRI registered Specialist Contractors, membership, we stand out amongst the competition. CIRI endorsement means our clients can have confidence that our skills are fully up-to-date and staff continually developing their training. CIRI gives us reassurance that when engaged as Specialist Sub-Contracts by CIRI registered Main Contractors, we will be treated in an ethical and fair manner.” L Redmond (Electrical) Ltd


CIRI: A Professional Industry Register

The Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) was established by the CIF in consultation with the Department of the Environment as the definitive listing of main contractors and sub-contractors operating in Ireland that are competent to carry out works on behalf of public and private clients. Each company on the Register must meet particular prequalification criteria to qualify for CIRI registration. Anyone can access the Register at to find a contractor, sub-contractor or tradesperson or to check if a company they are considering to contract is on the register.

CIRI covers a range of Registration Categories, from Builders and Building Services Contractors to Specialist Contractors.

The overall goal of CIRI is to foster improved standards and continuous professional development throughout the Irish construction industry.

The Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) is an official online register of competent builders, contractors, specialist sub-contractors and tradespersons who undertake to carry out construction works. The Register is supported by Government, and its objective is to be recognised as the primary online resource used by consumers in the public and private procurement of construction services.

CIRI was developed in 2014 along with a number of other measures brought in by the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government to strengthen the building control system. CIRI was established with the primary objective of assisting users of construction services when selecting a competent and compliant builder, building services contractor or specialist contractor.

The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 provide for the appointment of competent contractors and builders. The Building Control Bill is designed to put CIRI on a statutory footing and thereby provide in law for the registration of builders, building services contractors, and specialist contractors.

Consumers can search on CIRI in a number of ways

  • Look for a particular member by CIRI registration number, company name, or primary contact name
  • See what builders, contractors, specialist sub-contractors or tradespersons are registered in their area
  • Search from 30+ categories of registration

Contact the CIRI office or visit and complete the online application form. The CIRI Office will review your application for completeness before submitting the application for review by the CIRI Admissions & Registrations Board.

If approved, your business will be added to the CIRI Register and your company will receive its unique CIRI Registration Number and a profile on the Live Register. Registration also entitles members to use the CIRI logo on stationary, marketing material and websites.

CIRI membership is renewed on an annual basis when companies are expected to provide details of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and any changes in relevant circumstances. By registering with CIRI, members commit to delivering excellence in every aspect of their work.

The CIRI Board consists of a chairperson and 10 members. The chairperson of the Board is a registered construction professional approved by the Minister of the Environment, Community & Local Government.

Membership of the Board includes:

  • Five persons appointed by Government Ministers and Public Sector Agencies
  • Two persons who are registered construction professionals
  • Three persons who can be registered members of CIRI

Key Contacts

Antoinette Fay

VCR Executive

Antoinette joined the CIF in 2016, bringing over 15 years of experience with her. Since 2022, Antoinette is the Executive in charge of the activities that relate to the Voluntary Construction Register (VCR), the official online register of competent builders.

Julie Dobson

Administrator, VCR Office

Julie oversees the activities that relate to the Voluntary Construction Register (VCR), the official online register of competent builders. Along with this, Julie is also responsible for the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) element of VCR.

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