Water Services Operators Group (WSOG)

Water Services Operators Group

The Role of the Water Services Operators Group in Water Treatment

The Water Services Operators Group (WSOG) represents members of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and Construction Industry Federation (CIF) who specialize in the operation and maintenance of water treatment and wastewater treatment plants in Ireland. They also participate in the design and construction of these plants. WSOG plays an active role in promoting industry standards and supporting the welfare and interests of their members. WSOG members operate over 150 Waste Water Treatment Plants and 200 Water Treatment Plants, representing over 10% and 25% of all plants in Ireland, respectively. They employ over 600 direct employees and over 750 indirect employees, and support over 500 employees in the supply chain. WSOG members focus on employee well-being and quality, implementing health and well-being programs and operating to industry standards. They also commit to corporate social responsibility and support community projects in Ireland. WSOG’s activities align with Irish Water’s Sustainability and Innovation objectives for 2023-2030.

Waste Water and Water Treatment Plants Operated in Ireland by Members of the Water Services Operators Group

Delivering value to the Water Services Sector

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High Level Statistics of the Water Services Operators Group

Infographic containing statistical information on the Water Services Operators Group operations services, including employment levels & technical expertise

Key Contacts

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Paul Sheridan

Director of Main Contracting

As Director of Main Contracting Services with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), Paul provides administrative leadership of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association and Master Builders and Contractors Association. He is also the secretary to the CIF’s Procurement, Tendering and Contractual Matters Policy Sub-Committee. Paul is a Chemical Engineering Graduate, and holds a postgraduate diploma in Construction Law and Contract Administration. He also has experience in and holds qualifications in Strategy and Innovation, Business Transformation, Organisation Development, Leadership, Lean 6-Sigma and Strategic HR. Paul began his career as a Contracts Manager in the Water and Waste Water Industry. He previously worked in the Tendering and Contracting Department in the CIF before working as an Executive in the Industrial Property Development sector. Since then, Paul has worked with Engineers Ireland and the Royals College of Surgeons in areas of policy development, governance, internal consultancy, membership support and service, advocacy, representation, quality assurance and process excellence, accreditation, academic and professional education, training, strategy and business transformation.

Alison Irving

Executive, Main Contracting

Alison Irving joined the CIF as an administrator in 2008 and has been an Executive since 2013 and Secretary to the Civil Engineering Contractors Association since 2016. She provides assistance and guidance to members on issues relating to prequalification, tendering, contractual matters and disputes amongst other matters. She has a Bachelor of Laws degree, a Masters’ degree in Criminal Justice and was called to the Bar of Ireland in 2014.

Helen Early

Main Contracting

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