CIF Launch Transition Year (TY) Work-placement Initiative

The CIF Manpower Education and Training Committee have just launched a transition year, work placement initiative in partnership with and with the support of the Institute of Careers Guidance Counsellors (ICG).

The objective of the initiative to encourage second level students, who are making careers decisions, to consider construction as a real option. Secondly, it is designed to encourage CIF members to offer work placement to nurture this interest in construction. This way we can develop a pipeline of talented people into this industry.

CIF have developed two booklets to support the participants in the scheme – one to assist the employer and one for the student.

What do we want employers to do?


The construction jobs and careers website offers construction employers and potential employees an ideal facility to fill vacancies and further careers in the Irish construction sector.

Aimed primarily at construction professionals and tradespeople living abroad, is an easy to use jobs website that provides direct contact between member and candidate.
The goal of the website is to help fill the anticipated 112,000 job vacancies across all sectors up to and including 2020. These roles will be required if the Irish construction industry is to deliver on the ambitious Government targets. Housing, infrastructure and FDI (foreign direct investment) are key sectors that will need workers in the coming years.

Key construction jobs to be filled

According to a DKM report commissioned by the CIF, construction activity can sustain an additional 112,000 Irish construction jobs up to 2020. This figure is based on an estimated €17.8billion worth of projects in the pipeline in 2017.

Key positions that need to be filled between now and 2020 are:

  • 15,200 electricians
  • 7,800 bricklayers
  • 11,800 plumbers
  • 30,800 carpenters and joiners
  • 13,900 plasterers/floorers and tilers
  • 9,400 painters and decorators
  • 9,600 managers
  • 18,100 operatives and
  • 27,600 general labourers

To learn more or post a job visit or contact the Safety and Manpower service team.

APPRENTICES.IE is administered by CIF Safety & Manpower Services. The goal of the website is to facilitate the rebuilding of a vibrant training structure across all trades in the construction sector.
The website enables school-leavers and CIF members to connect. CIF members approved by SOLAS to employ apprentices can register in a matter of minutes on the website, as can school-leavers seeking an apprenticeship. Also, the website offers employers a free service to advertise the apprenticeship vacancies that they have.

To learn more about please contact the relevant contact in the Key Contacts Section