Construction Safety Campaign
Focus on Critical Risks

October 14th – 25th 2024
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So, what is a “Critical risk“?

Critical Risk: these are activities we undertake frequently that, if not controlled, could lead to significant injury or fatality.

As part of this safety campaign, we are asking construction companies and workers of all sectors to examine fundamental safety questions such as:

  • Do you know your critical risks?
  • Have you controls in place to manage these risks?
  • Are your colleagues aware of these risks?
  • Are the controls in place to protect safety adequate?

Not forgetting health !

Coincidentally, October 14th is the start of “ReStart a Heart” week , so, with a focus on health, we will partner with the Irish Heart Foundation to promote heart health and encourage contractors to train staff in CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation in a “Hands for Life” initiative –

Last year, almost 1,000 men died from a heart attack in Ireland and 1 in 4 men will lose their lives to heart disease or stroke.

Having the ability to administer CPR can double the chance of survival !.

The CIF in partnership with the Irish Heart Foundation as part of Construction Safety Campaign 2024 want you to include emergency preparedness as part of your critical risks.

We are asking members to support the Irish Heart Foundation and complete a rollout of CPR training onsite, Workplace wellness programme, health promotion initiatives focusing on a Healthy Heart.

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As we get ready for Construction Safety Campaign 2024, stay tuned for valuable resources, partner logos and insights.

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