Alliance of Specialist Contractors’ Association

Alliance of Specialist Contractors Association (ASCA)

About us


ASCA President: Danny Murphy, Highway Markings Ltd.

Welcome to the Alliance of Specialist Contractors Association (ASCA). We are the umbrella group representing subcontractors, specialist contractors and suppliers within the construction industry in Ireland, including the Master Painters and Decorators of Ireland.

Utilising our national network with offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway we serve members throughout the entire country.

ASCA are the organisation representing subcontracts at national level and are responsible for lobbying Government at the highest level on issues that affect subcontractors.

ASCA Associations

ASCA encompasses the following trade associations, which are managed by the association Secretary, Gillian Ross.

  • Alliance of Specialist Contractors Associations (ASCA)
  • Master Painters and Decorators of Ireland (MPDI)
    PLEASE NOTE: The MPDI has its own webpage on the CIF as it is the longest serving association in CIF
  • Irish Association of Demolition Contractors (IADC)
  • Irish Mobile Crane Hirers Association (IMCHA)
  • National Association of Scaffolding & Access Contractors (NASAC)
  • Roofing & Cladding Contractors Association (RCCA)
  • Floor Covering & Tiling Contractors Association (FC&TCA)
  • Plastering Contractors Association (PCA)
  • Formwork Subcontractors Association (FSCA)
  • Insulating Contractors Association (ICA)
  • Irish Window Association (IWA)
  • Joinery Manufacturers Association (JMA)
  • Master Glaziers Association (MGA)
  • National Furniture Manufacturers Association (NFA)
  • Road Safety Marking Contractors Association (RSMCA)
  • Roof Manufacturers & Suppliers Association (RM&SA)
  • Sheet Metal Manufacturers Association (SMA)

Contracting Services

Our essential services to specialist subcontractors are delivered by our dedicated team of trained and qualified national executives in collaboration with our experienced professional consultants and corporate clients. This brings a unique expertise to bear when dealing with members interests and concerns.

We deliver expert, effective, practical guidance on a one-to-one basis on current industry issues as well dealing with the following matters:

  • Getting Work
  • Getting paid
  • Contractual guidance
  • Prequalification
  • Bonds
  • Insolvencies
  • Insurances
  • Representations
  • Contract Disputes Resolution Guidance
  • General Business Management
  • Business Networking with Potential Clients

Contracting Services

For further information on the following topics

  • Tendering & Contracting
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • Learning & Development Resources
  • Contract Documents

Visit the Contractors’ Resource Hub

Key Contacts


Denise Tuffy

Director of Specialist Contracting

Denise Tuffy joined the CIF in 2016 and holds a Masters’ in Business Administration from Trinity College Dublin. Denise is responsible for the executive support of the mechanical & electrical associations within the Federation; and the Construction 4.0 policy committee.

Gillian Ross

Executive, Specialist Contracting

Gillian Ross is responsible for the executive support of specialist associations’ business within the Federation. Gillian administers a range of member services activities covering marketing and promotion of associations, lobbying and representation. She also deals with member queries on procurement, tendering and contractual matters, amongst other issues.

General Queries: [email protected]

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