Policy Committees


Audit & Organisation Committee

The Audit & Organisation Committee oversees the finances and management of the CIF.

Committee Members:

J. Conway (President), S. McCarthy (Senior Vice President), E. Stapleton (Vice President), F. Kelly, (Immediate Past President), S. O’Neill, P. Crampton, D. Murphy and T. Ferris.

Committee Members: 

E. Stapleton (Chairperson), P. O’Halloran, P. Hogan, S. Shinkins, T. Flaherty, G. Murtagh, D. Taylor, A. Bird, B. Hogan, E. Cotter, M. O’Sullivan, D. McCarthy,  P. Bruton, G. Visockaite, K. Springall, P. Shinners, T. O’Malley, T. Flynn and F. Meagher.

The Register of Builders and Building sub-committee considers the industry policy in relation to the introduction of a voluntary register for the Construction Industry and the industry’s response to changes being introduced to building regulations under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2013.

Committee Members: J. O’Shaughnessy (Chairperson), B. McKeon (Vice Chairman), M. Cosgrave, N. Durkan, C. Cleary, K. Proudfoot, M. O’Shea, M. O’Sullivan, B. Redmond, E. Stapleton, W. King, T. McLoughlin, S. O’Neill, M. Prenty, G. Plunkett, J. Barden and S. Duggan

The Industrial Relations & Employment sub-committee advises on industrial relations matters within the construction industry.

Committee Members: D. Lee (Chairperson), N. Bourke, P. Bruton, C. Burke, D. Cahalane , C. Cleary, S. Coffey, J. Cradock, P. Crampton , M. Cronin, J. Conway, J. Carroll, J. Cradock, D. Doheny, D. Duff, T. Ferris, J. Flynn, D. Gildea, S. Greally, P. Hackett, L. Hoyne, M. Kelleher, M. Kennedy, E. McGrattan, M. McLoughlin, J. Moran, M. Moran, M. Murray, P. Nicholls, J. O’Shaughnessy, J. Pentony, G. Plunkett, B. Sharkey and P. Tierney.


The Procurement, Tendering and Contractual Matters sub-committee considers all contracting and tendering issues and makes recommendations to the Executive Body on appropriate policy.

Committee Members: S. Duggan (Chairperson), S. Greally (Deputy Chairperson). S. Murphy, J. Curtin, J. Cradock, F. Kelly, J. Pentony, G. Ronayne, C. O’Mahony, N. Bourke, J. Sheridan, D. Murphy, E. Cronnelly, L. Daly, C. Smith, J. Godley, E. Foy, C. O’Brien, J. Lucy, C. McKenna, T. Cavanagh, T. Wills, F. Mulry, M. Cronin, B. Desmond, G. O’Leary, B. O’Halloran, G. Morris, M. O’Sullivan and C. Chambers.


The Safety, Health and Welfare sub-committee drives and develops health and safety policies applicable to the construction industry.

Committee Members: F. Kelly (Chairperson), C. Mooney, E. Stapleton, K. Cummins, S. Gaines, E. Hynes, J. Rao, P. Kelleher, C. Costello, B. O’Brien, D. Grady, J. O’Dwyer, D. Duggan, M. Earley, B. Walsh, C. O’Connell, G. Keane, M. McLoughlin, N. McNulty, D. Murphy, S. O’Sullivan, R. O’Dowd, K. O’Leary, S. Purcell, P. Quigley and V. Smyth.

The Taxation, Investment, Finance/Funding and Public Spending sub-committee oversees the development of CIF policy across economic and fiscal headings, and manages the preparation of Submissions including the annual Budget Submission to the Minister for Finance on behalf of the Federation.

Committee Members: P. Crampton (Chairman), A. Hora, A. Neville, D. Reid, D. Doheny, E. Stapleton, F. Kelly, J. Conway, J. Delaney, M. O’Sullivan-Greene, T. Wills and S. Duggan

The Construction 4.0 Committee was established in December 2016, is chaired by Tim Ferris of Jones Engineering and is currently mandated to look at issues related to BIM (Building Information Modelling), MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) and RDI (Research, Development & Innovation). The Sub-committee’s work is subdivided into 3 key areas that are responsible for developing policy in BIM, Modern Methods of Construction and Research, Development and Innovation.

At a national level the Construction 4.0 working group leaders, Chris Chambers (Clancy), Martin Searson (CJK) and Cillian Kelly (Sisk) are engaged in a Construction Sector Group sub-committee that is tasked with delivering the 7 innovation actions set out in the KPMG and Building Innovation Reports. This group is chaired by CIF nominated PJ Rudden and reports to the CSG on a quarterly basis.

Committee Members: A. Condon, B. Corrigan, B. D’Arcy, B. Cass, B. Kennedy, C. Corcoran, C. Chambers, C. Kelly, D. Browne, D. McSweeney, D. Wallace, D. Kelly, E. Chafnavi, F. Lalor, F. McMahon, F. Nugent, F. Murphy, G. Plunkett, G. Widger, G. O’Leary, G. Gibbons, J. Collen, J. Clifford, J. Bowler, J. Mady, J. Whyte, J. Murphy, J. Keane, M. Murphy, M. Lydon, M. Searson, M. Burke, M. Greene, M. Murphy, P. O’Mahony, P. Kirwan, P. Browne, R. O’Connor, S. Sheridan, S. O’Keeffe, S. Ashe, S. McGarry, T. Ferris, T. Wills and W. Power.

Committee Members: D. Doheny (Chairperson), A. Neville, D. Wynne, E. Stapleton, F. Kelly, J. G. Murphy, P. Carey, P. Crampton, S. Carrigy, S. Duggan and T. Ferris

The CIF Education, Training and Skills Committee develops and implements policies to encourage persons to consider a career in construction, and to facilitate their ongoing professional development through identification of appropriate training, skills and opportunities. The committee reports directly to the CIF Executive Body.

The mandate of the committee is as follows:

  • To consider all policy developments and matters in relation to the construction sector
  • To oversee and guide CIF’s relations with relevant bodies including Government and State agencies with training and education functions
  • To develop a CIF strategy on education and training planning, particularly in relation to apprenticeships and skills development
  • To advise and implement appropriate CIF Training and Action Programmes

The committee consults with Government and other State Bodies such as SOLAS, Education & Training Boards, and the industry to address emerging skills needs and identify opportunities to future-proof the industry against skills shortages. To this end it targets three key areas:

  • Working with Government Department of Social Protection and, Education & Training Boards to develop training opportunities for the unemployed and to facilitate access to the construction industry
  • Working with second and third-level education institutions, careers guidance teachers and the Techno Teachers Association to identify and develop opportunities for students and promote access in the sector for second-level students

Engage with Irish construction professionals and workers overseas to promote career development opportunities in Ireland.

Committee Members: J. O’Shaughnessy (Chairperson), J. Cluxton (Vice Chair) J. Sweeney (Senior Vice Chair), B. Kearns, C. Cusack, D. Doherty, D. O’Connor, D. Costello, D. Forde, C. Kelly , F. Barry, G. Keenan, N. McAulliffe, P. Daly, R. Murphy, R. O’Brien, R. Ryan, S. Watson , S. Savage, T. Flynn, T. Skrobisz, B. Robinson, T. Flaherty, T. Moloney, T. Flanagan, W. Merriman, A. Kinsella, D. Tuffy, L. Carroll and P. Cremmins.

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