Policy Committees

The Audit & Organisation Committee oversees the finances and management of the CIF.

Committee Members: P. Lucey (Chairman), J. Conway, P. Crampton, D. Doheny, A. Neville, F. Kelly, M. Kennedy, G. Murtagh.

Assisted by: T. Parlon, H. FitzPatrick, G. MacGrath (CIF)

The Register of Builders and Building sub-committee considers the industry policy in relation to the introduction of a voluntary register for the Construction Industry and the industry’s response to changes being introduced to building regulations under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2013.

Committee Members: J. O’Shaughnessy (Chairman), B. Duffy, C. Cleary, M. Cosgrave, D. Cuddihy, S. Duggan, N. Durkan, F. Kelly, M. Jones, B. McKeon, D. Murphy, A. Neville, K. O’Brien, G. O’Kane, T. O’Leary, J O’Shaughnessy, M. O’Shea, B. Redmond, D. Reid, M. Ryan, E. Stapleton, P. Stewart, J. Ward.

Assisted by: T. Parlon, H. Fitzpatrick, M. Lang, S. Downey (CIF)

The Industrial Relations & Employment sub-committee advises on industrial relations matters within the construction industry.

Committee Members: P. Hackett (Chairman), N. Bourke, J. Carroll, S. Coffey, J. Conway, P. Crampton, J. Cradock, J. Curley, D. Doheny, T. Drumm, D. Duff, N. Durkan, M. Gallagher, D. Gildea, M. Kelleher, M. Kennedy, L. Hoyne, F. Kelly, D. Lee,  M. Moran, M. Murray, G. Murtagh, A. O’Leary, J. O’Shaughnessy, J. Pentony, B. Sharkey, M. Stone, J. Ward, D. Winters, T. Ferris

Assisted by:  T. Parlon, J. Winters, C. O’Connell, C. Treanor, A. Brady (CIF)

The Procurement, Tendering and Contractual Matters sub-committee considers all contracting and tendering issues and makes recommendations to the Executive Body on appropriate policy.

Committee Members: Crampton (Chairman), N. Bourke, D. Byrne, P. Carmody, J. Cradock, J. Curley, S. Duggan, F. Kelly, T. O’Leary, M. O’Reilly, J. O’Shaughnessy, J. Pentony, G. Ronayne, C. Smith, P. Stewart, P. Tinnelly, M. Cronin.

Assisted by: T. Parlon, M. Lang, S. Downey, A. Irving, J. Molloy, G.Ross (CIF)

The Safety, Health and Welfare sub-committee drives and develops health and safety policies applicable to the construction industry.

Committee Members: F. Kelly, (Chairman), P. Bennion, J. Boland, D. Conway, J. Curran, C. Goode, B. Lahiff, I. Lynch, S. Lyons, M. McLoughlin, D. Murphy, M. Murphy, N. McNulty, M. O’Connor, L. O’Donnell, K. O’Leary, F. O’Reilly, V. Smyth, P. Quigley,  S. Purcell. T. Sheridan,C. Mooney, S. O’Sullivan.

Assisted by: T. Parlon, D. Carey, R. Butler (CIF)

The Taxation, Investment, Finance/Funding and Public Spending sub-committee oversees the development of CIF policy across economic and fiscal headings, and manages the preparation of Submissions including the annual Budget Submission to the Minister for Finance on behalf of the Federation.

Committee Members: P. Crampton (Chairman), P. Bruton, J. Conway, T. Cullinane, D. Doheny, T. Drumm, B, Duffy, M. Gallagher, D. Gargan, P. Hackett, F. Kelly, M. Maher, D. Mulcair, A. Neville, K. O’Brien, T. O’Leary, H. O’Neill, D. Reid, M. Stone, T. Wills, J. Delaney.

Assisted by: T. Parlon, H. Fitzpatrick, S. Dempsey, J. Mair. (CIF)

Construction 4.0 sub-Committee considers all policy developments and matters in the area of Lean Construction, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Innovation and Continuous Improvement, oversees and guides the Federation’s relations with relevant national and local bodies including Government departments and State Agencies and develops the Federation’s strategy in this area.

Committee Members: E.Vaughan (Chairman), B. Dalton, B. Hennessy, B. Cass, C. McManus, C. Kelly, D. McSweeney, D. Butler, D. Kelly, J. Frisby, J. Martin, J. Mady, J. Grogan, L. Hoyne, M. Murray, M. O’Brien, N. Bourke, P. Ryan, U. Jedrol, D.Kerans, D. Kelly, E.Walsh, F.Walshe, K.White, M.Murphy, P. Brennan, R.Coote, S.Dowd.

Assisted by: T. Parlon, S. Downey (CIF)

Committee Members: J.O’Shaughnessy (Chairman), D. Collier, J. Cluxton, P. Cremins, E. Cullen, R. Cullen, D. Doherty, D. Dorrian, T. Flaherty, T. Flynn, S. Guilfoyle, B. Kearns, P.O. Keenan, C. King, J. McCarthy, P. McGovern, T. Moloney, K. Morley, L. O’Donnell, M. O’Sullivan, J. Phillips, J. Sweeney, S. Tolan, D. Tracey.

Assisted by: T. Parlon, J. Winters, D. Carey, R. Butler. (CIF)

Committee Members: D. Doheny (Chairman), B. Byrne (Vice Chairman), B. Baldwin, G. Brennan, P. Cahill, P. Carey, S. Clifford, B. Henry, L. Hoyne, M. Jones, T. Joyce, S. McCarthy, B. McMenamin, J G. Murphy, G. Murtagh, A. Neville, T. O’Brien, B. O’Donnell, J. O’Shaughnessy, C. Smith, P. Stewart, E. Walsh, C. Wills, J. Fletcher.

Assisted by: T. Parlon, C. O’Connell, J. Molloy. (CIF)

CIF Communications & Marketing Working Group is a sub-committee that is mandated to develop a strategy for the use of all digital technology to support CIF’s membership and training marketing efforts. The group advises on appropriate policies and protocols to be adopted by the Federation in these areas.

Committee Members: G. Murtagh (Joint- Chairperson), S. Dempsey (Joint- Chairperson), A. Clancy, C. O’Donnell, T. Wills, T. Looney, T. Quinn, I. Kavanagh, J. Nolan, T. Byrne

Assisted by: R. Butler, C. O’Connell, G. Ross, J. Kiernan, D.Cadogan, P.Brady, B.Walsh, L. Hosty, D. Carey, M. Foley, J. Egan (CIF)

Committee Members: P. Crampton, P. Hackett, F. Kelly, P. Lucey, A. Neville, T. O’Leary, J. O’Shaughnessy, E. Vaughan.

Assisted by: T. Parlon, S. Dempsey, H. Fitzpatrick, J.Mair, C. O’Connell. (CIF)