Lunchtime Webinar Series: Equality, Diversity, Inclusion in Construction

06 Apr 2022

In conversation with Julie Sinnamon, hosted by Sean Downey

Over the next decade, the Construction Industry must ensure that we
attract and retain talent to meet current and future skills demands.
Organisations that value Equality Diversity & Inclusion attract and retain
the best people, perform better and ultimately are more successful.

But what of our organisations and their boards? Julie Sinnamon recently
stepped down as CEO of Enterprise Ireland and in June 2021 was made co-
Chair of Balance for Better Business (B4BB), an independent review group
established by Government tasked with improving gender balance in
senior business leadership in Ireland.

BB4B was launched in 2018 and the review group is calling for a reform
of the current system, ensuring more women play a role at board level
and in senior leadership teams. Progressive targets have been set for
2023 with the goal of achieving an improved gender balance on the
boards and senior management of companies. It has published three
reports to date which can be found at https://

The Review Group has set targets over seven board and leadership
measures, which will be tracked to see overall change over time. There is
a compelling business case to have a greater gender balance in these
roles, which Sean and Julie discuss during this webinar.


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