CIF Carbon Calculator


The Construction Industry Federation is delighted to announce our partnership with the Sustainability Tool to launch the ‘CIF Carbon Calculator’, an innovative carbon measurement solution designed specifically for the Irish construction industry.

We understand the challenges faced by larger contractors in managing carbon emissions, which is why we have developed the CIF Carbon Calculator – to help you collect scope 3 emissions, save valuable resources, and comply with industry regulations.

In an era where sustainability is no longer optional but a business imperative, understanding how to quantify and control your organisation’s carbon footprint is crucial. This webinar comes at a pivotal time when both regulatory pressures and stakeholder expectations around carbon disclosures are escalating.


To view the CIF Carbon Calculator, click here.

CIF Carbon Calculator


On Tuesday, 18th June at 10:00am the CIF will host a webinar exploring the features and benefits of the CIF Carbon Calculator, and discover how use it to accurately measure your carbon footprint, streamline carbon accounting, and drive sustainability efforts in your organisation.

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