The Construction Industry Federation to present at today’s Joint Committee on Housing, Local Government and Heritage on Modern Methods of Construction.

09 May 2023

Representatives from the Construction Industry Federation will present at today’s Joint Committee on Housing, Local Government and Heritage, alongside representatives from Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland and Dominic Stevens on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Read the Construction Industry Federation’s submission.

The Construction Industry Federation delegation will include Tom Parlon, Director General, Sean Downey, Director of Specialist Contracting and Martin Searson, MMC Consultant and CEO of Quality Positive.

Tom Parlon, Director General of the Construction Industry Federation will tell the committee:

“Elements of the housing industry have used timber frame, a form of 2D MMC, to deliver its homes for the past 30 years culminating in 50% of scheme homes being delivered using this technology in 2022. Apartment developments have been extensively using pre-cast or hybrid concrete frame systems for the past 20 years to efficiently deliver medium to high rise developments. Using offsite manufacturing supply chains can offer certainty of delivery in terms of time and cost and bring major advantages in the onsite programme duration.

“But we have an industry that relies on certainty. It relies on a sightline for demand of a particular type of service or at least a pipeline that allows a degree of preparation and investment based on the skills and product that will definitely be procured. “The industry itself can focus on the optimisation of its supply chain by streamlining demand and ensuring that investment supports a focus on standardisation of approach to delivering a high-performance product; a product that can meet the highest standard required by our Building Regulations and offer a high quality solution for building users.

“We can truly aspire to a more digitally enabled, sustainable, modern industry that is capable of delivering our infrastructure, homes, schools and hospitals. We can also have an industry that is world class and that exports those services and products all over the world when demand contracts domestically.

“We are already doing this in many mission-critical facilities for global clients. Now is the opportunity to scale that offering for the rest of the NDP and housing.”

Read the Construction Industry Federation’s submission.

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