Launch of the CIF Carbon Calculator: Streamlining carbon accounting for Irish construction businesses

18 Jun 2024

The Construction Industry Federation’s (CIF) Carbon Calculator has been launched, powered by the Sustainability Tool in collaboration with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. This free innovative tool aims to streamline and standardise carbon accounting for businesses across Ireland.

Impending EU regulations and increasing demands from clients and authorities are putting pressure on Irish organisations to enhance transparency in their carbon accounting practices. Measuring carbon emissions poses a challenge for businesses of all sizes, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that often lack the resources or expertise in carbon accounting.

PJ Ryan, Head of Sustainability in the Construction Industry Federation said: “The new CIF carbon calculator is designed to help SMEs measure their carbon footprint efficiently, using straightforward metrics like fuel usage, electricity, waste, and water consumption. It is a free, fully supported tool available to the entire industry, featuring a help desk and webinars to facilitate understanding and use.

“For Tier 1 contractors, the calculator assists in managing scope 3 emissions, particularly in the supply chain, where 80% of emissions typically occur. The tool allows comprehensive tracking of supplier and subcontractor data, promoting a standardized approach across the industry to achieve sustainability goals collaboratively.”

The CIF Carbon Calculator offers a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that allows businesses to independently manage and report their carbon emissions, without requiring prior knowledge or expertise in carbon accounting. The tool also enables organisations to apportion emissions to clients based on their turnover percentage, fostering greater transparency and collaboration.

Dr. James Cadman, Head of Consultancy and Climate at Action Sustainability, stated, “Calculating carbon impacts using spreadsheets is not only resource-intensive but is more open to inaccurate results. This can affect transparent reporting but also, more importantly, hinder identifying opportunities for improvements – the real reason why we collect carbon data. Add to this the complexities of scope 3 emissions and have you a situation ripe for greater efficiency.

“The CIF carbon calculator addresses these challenges by providing a reliable platform that simplifies the entire process of calculating and reporting carbon emissions. This tool not only enhances accuracy but also ensures that businesses of all sizes can effectively and consistently measure their climate impact, as well as supporting them with meeting their reporting requirements.”

The Tool is available for FREE to any organisation, providing them with the capability to measure their own emissions, align with global sustainability goals, strengthen client relationships, and enhance their competitiveness in tender processes. Access it here. For organisations interested in collecting Scope 3 emissions with the CIF Carbon Calculator, please contact the Sustainability Tool team here.



Lydia Higgins
Head of Marketing, Action Sustainability
[email protected]
Jennifer Nisbet Daly
Communications Executive, Construction Industry Federation
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