Training and Development

Orientation topics that can be covered online (and those that cannot)

9th May 2018 Nowadays companies have the option of online or offline delivery for orientation training, although many choose a blended approach whereby employees are advised of policies and procedures via online learning and interactive, face-to-face training is used for more complex or riskier type topics.

Identifying Stress Overload – F.L. Safety Training

17th Apr 2018 Ahead of her CIF Webinar this Wednesday, Stress Response tutor, nurse and Managing Director of F.L. Safety Training, Florentine Loughney, outlines what you can do to identify stress overload in yourself and others.

CPD: The What, Why and How by Pauline Hall

9th Mar 2018 Pauline Hall worked as a lecturer, trainer and consultant with the Irish public service, and many international bodies. She is the author of several distance learning programmes on management development, and the co-author of a book Agents of Change. She was nominated by the Housing Agency to the...

CIF E-learning platform launched to bring expert training to you

25th Jan 2017 The CIF has launched an E-learning platform aimed at those who want to upskill but don’t have time or don’t wish to travel long distances for class-based courses. We’re all getting busier and many are travelling long-distances to urban centres such as Dublin and Cork for project. Through the...

Four innovative steps to improving your training’s effectiveness

4th Aug 2016 Robert Butler, head of learning and development We all need to be sure to not fall into the trap of providing training to simply deliver information. If you want to see real behaviour change and improved employee performance make sure your training providers adopt some of the following innovations...