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O’Connor Sutton Cronin

We are running our H&S Week from 24th – 28th October with 2 in-house talks for Designer Duties and Design Risk Assessment Training. We are hoping to secure St. John’s Ambulance to give a Basic First Aid Training with Demonstrations, a fire drill, defibrillator training for our defib in reception and a talk from our Corporate Partners Aware on the Friday, to close out the week.

Mobile elevated work platforms and working at heights best practices.

A series of briefings and toolbox talks on each topic on every site.

KSSL always take part in safety week. We have a daily theme each day and try to get external companies in to deliver a talk in their area of expertise. At the end of the week, a guest speaker is organised to deliver a talk.  Previous guests include Oisin Mc Conville (mental health and addition) and Rory’s Stories (mantal health and wellbeing).

Toolbox talks, external talkers, competitions.

Farrans will be running a program of events in tandem with the HSA / CIF program for Construction Safety Week.

Mental Health events / guest speakers / on site events / toolbox talks / safety videos / safety talks / contractor discussion groups

So far, we have booked Oisin McConville to do a tour of our sites delivering talks to all direct and subcontractor employees. We will be carrying ‘Crane Operative Simulations’ which will be available to all operatives to help give them an awareness of the views and restrictions of our crane drivers.  We are also on the waiting list to have the RSA bus to come to site.

We hope to work with a variety of organisations over the course of the month, highlighting key safety themes through live theatre events, online workshops and through film.

Partner with Lighthouse as part of our mental health strategy for the company Roll out our own mental health toolkit and role profile Enlist speakers for working at height tool box talks, plant/machinery safety.

Safety Quiz, briefings, talks, reflexologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, TLI Group goody bags, mental health awareness talks, steps challenge, and many more ideas in the pipeline.

Incorporate the CIF Daily themes into Toolbox Talks at our fabricating facility.

In-house we will be carrying out tool-box talks & presentations and also inviting expert/guest speakers to talk with our employees on the relevant topics. We will establish a #CIFSafety22 WhatsApp group so that all communications from the CIF can be shared instantly amongst all employees.

Daily events/talks on site

Promotion of the Help inside a hardhat campaign, and focus on site safety.

We plan to release a series of comms around importance of lean and its impact on safety in the construction sector.

Helping construction clients to support the CIF comms and implement activities across their business for the CIF week

A series of workshops and awareness communications to support the CIF week.

Promote safety week through the month of October and ensure all members of the team are aware

We will continue to focus on the high risk activities and safety awareness across all our sites. We will conduct regular toolbox talks and site audits and engage with all our staff to ensure all works are being carried out safely. We will promote a culture of safety, health and wellbeing in construction across all our sites.

Safety Standdowns on all sites on the allocated days and deliver talks to all on site on the topic of the day. Social Media posts etc.

Coffey will once again be collaborating and partnering with our local supply chain, training providers and others during CSW 2022. We will celebrate best practice, reinforce and promote the importance of safety, health and overall wellbeing in work and in life. #CIFSafety22

Run specific events in cooperation with our sustaining contractors who support our ongoing construction activities on projects and works across the site

We plan to run some activities, workshops and talks to promote safety in construction.

This is a great opportunity for Manley to get involved with the CIF and to share best practices across our sites and look at continuous improvement along with demonstrate our commitment to staff and our supply chain that safety on our sites is a core value to Manley. We are aiming to carry out:

  1.     Health and Safety Award
  2.     Tool Book Talks
  3.     Directors Visiting Sites
  4.     Health Checks on Site
  5.     Independent Audits
  6.     Displaying Posters around site and office
  7.     Post with a Hashtag – #CIFSafety22

As a safety advisor in electrical substations i am looking to promote Construction Safety Week 2022.

Safety leading by example, Working at height.

We will promote all communications from CIF regarding CSW22 to all our staff, throughout the month.  We will include logo on all communications and publish our support on our website.

We will also include the various topics outlined in the schedule in our tool-box talks on the relevant days, followed by email to each staff member.

Tool box talks each day to highlight specific topic for safety week with all sub-contractors and employees

Murphy Ireland will be running a number of events this October in support of Construction Safety Week. We will celebrate best practice and reinforce the importance of health, safety and overall wellbeing both in the work place and outside it.

Working with our clients to promote Positive Health & Safety practices throughout the week. Host and send out safety training videos on our Skillko LMS platform.

Align to the CIF Daily Themes and roll out participation days across all our Projects.

1) We intend to get a nurses station to site to give a health check to Alpha Employees, subcontractors and main contractors

2) We will pick a topic of the week for the 4 weeks of the month of October . We will deliver workshops , invite guest speakers, get signage done up for our sites , encourage all our subcontractors, main contractors, suppliers and staff to get involved.  promote each of the topics over the month of October on all our social media platforms and include #cifsafety22 in all our posts.

Throughout CIF Safety week T&I fitout will promote and host workshops on all areas of Health and safety  across our sites such as working at height, access and egress, safe control of hazardous energies. T&I fitouts will also put emphasis on raising awareness of mental health across our sites in conjunction with many organisations.

We will be holding daily toolbox talks, and a mental health in person and online webinar for all employees. Safety quizzes, brainstorming sessions and a coach to 5k challenge as a physical activity.

We will in addition to our normal safety procedures for the week include all staff across all aspects of our company through puzzles, activities e.g. crossword competition

Planning to arrange demonstrations, briefings and stand downs on the specified days over the number of weeks

Ballymore will carry out the following H&S initiatives:

  •  Themed TBT’s will be delivered across all Ballymore sites during Construction safety week.
  •  H&S on site demonstrations covering key H&S topics will be delivered across all sites.
  •  Promoting the Construction safety week via posters across all sites and on social media platforms.
  • Ensuring participation and involvement of the supply chain during Construction H&S week.

Team building day, working on wellbeing and mental health together. We up-skill with training for all staff, have a staff q&a planned for brainstorming and looking into the future.

This year at Cantwell Electrical Engineering has seen us really embrace Health and Safety in a way we never have before. We are actively improving our Health and Safety culture in our day-to-day and striving for a safer workplace for everyone.

We are keen to take part in CIF Construction Safety Week and plan to hold an event for each day over the two-week period in October.

Toolbox talks and practical demonstrations.

I have  a number of  construction clients and I will be doing toolbox talks about Working at Height and especially the importance of rescue plans. Also I will be discussing mental health and quoting material from the Lighthouse Club.

As a European and Irish based company MTM plan to run weekly incentives across all our 28 projects to raise awareness around CIF safety month.

As part of CIF safety week, we plan on delivering Working at Heights practical training and refresher training for all staff on Friday 21st of October, to further re-enforce the risks of working at heights and the importance of safe work at heights. As part of the CIF safety day we will invite all staff members out for a bonding session including food and an activity of some kind (go-karting, laser- tag).

We are going to roll out a steps competition for all staff for the month of October, to show the the importance of physical activity and the strong links with Mental Health. We also do weekly Toolbox talks and will be emphasising the topics of WAH’s, Mental Health and other topics recommended by the CIF for the month of October. We will send out topics of Mental Health Issues to all staff, encouraging them to pick a topic that we focus on for the toolbox talks.

All of the topics and activities above will be documented and put onto the company LinkedIn page including #CIFSafety22 along with info and photos of what is being done through-out the month of October.

We plan on promoting Construction Safety Week 2022 through our social media platforms by giving updates to our customers on the relevant topic each day while using the #CIFSafety22. We will also run special offers on training courses throughout the week.

STS Group will once again be embracing construction safety week 2022 right across our operations in Ireland, UK, Europe and the Middle East. We will have dedicated content provided for each of the days topics and circulated throughout the group. We will run activities on the projects from bringing onboard third parties to provide topical trainings and demonstrations to some fun safety related events. Keep an eye on social media feeds for updates and photos.

Took box talks each day. Focus on near miss reporting. Focus in SPA quality and rewards for best SPA.

I will get big posters made with this years safety topics listed on them. The signs will be brought to all our construction sites where I will be holding a discussion each week on all this years topics and photos of the events will be taken. I will come up with more ideas as the weeks commence.

As a sponsorship and partner of Construction Safety Week, our collective goal is to reinforce aspects of safety and wellbeing and to promote its importance throughout our workforce. We will achieve this by running events, seminars and simulations, providing communications on the themes such as videos, tool box talks, posters and creating a culture of collaboration through engagement with our people.

Across our operations in Ireland and many locations in Europe, we strive to operate an environment where Zero Harm is a reality. We’re committed to achieving a future where workplaces and their environments are 100% safe. Zero Harm is the next step in weaving safety into the fabric of everything Kirby does.

Our intention is to run multiple information sessions with project workforces over a period of 2 weeks, and then to hold a quiz on the final day based on the topics discussed.

Most of our clients are based within the construction industry and are currently using our FlexManager software to ensure compliance in all areas of Health and Safety.

We would love to team up for Construction Safety Week 2022 and highlight the importance of regular monitoring – whether through Audits, Inspections, Training etc.

We would be doing this through the use of Social Media (LinkedIn) and our website

We see daily the massive impacts that come from general awareness and the small improvements in keeping people safe so I do feel this would be a great opportunity for us to get involved.

We are a health & safety management company & will be delivering on topics by creating practical workshops on site and virtual work shops for our various clients

Promote the event across our entire business highlighting daily themes via SHEQ Alerts, toolbox talk briefings and issue of supporting campaign information via our Mainline Group whats App Corporate information platform.

We intend to concentrate on safety messages throughout all of our projects and aligned to the CIF topics throughout this period.

During the week we will be working with our various clients to deliver tool box talks, safety stand downs and demonstrations to raise the awareness of the topics of the week. We look forward to another important week for the Construction Industry.

Safety Stand down / Specialist speakers / Roll out new Stretch & Flex Programme / Safety Awards and recognitions.

Safety Week on the dates chosen for each topic (17th, 19th, 21st, 25th & 27th of October). Each site will arrange a demonstration on a chosen topic and we will be asking site-based sub-contractors to carry out the drills.

Issuing of daily specific email advisories to staff/ contractors on the topic of the day. Preparation & distribution of CSW specific Ezine. Work at Height Training Refresher. On-site Safety Quiz- focusing on this years CSW specific topics.

Promote Mental Health

H&S Week beginning 10th of October. Safety Pledge, H&S Quiz, Fitness Activities, Crane Simulator, Healthy Eating

For Safety Month, Park Developments have lined up guest speakers to give talks on mental health & wellbeing, working at height and other high risk activities. We will be holding demonstrations to show best practice when planning works involving high risk activities. We will be taking this opportunity to chat with the project teams and discuss what safety means to them, and align our company values with those who work on our projects. We find CIF safety week as a great time to refocus our efforts in keep our projects, and people who work on them, safe and healthy.

Dynamic Safety Solutions intend to provide our partner companies with safety week topic specific material for distribution to their workers during the safety weeks.

Week commencing 3rd Oct Countdown / Promotion – issuing emails to all staff and contractors with toolbox talk carried out on site.

Week commencing 10th Oct – Promotion of the Lighthouse Club’s Help Inside a Hard Hat Campaign – tool box talks carried out on site – guest speaker Week commencing 17th Oct – CIF Construction Safety Week 2022 – 3 days: Mon, Wed & Fri (Mon – Safe Access & Egress; Wed – Safe Working at Height; Fri – Safe Control of Hazardous Energies) topic toolbox talk carried out on site – guest speakers Week commencing 24th Oct CIF Construction Safety Week 2022 – 2 days: Tue & Thu (Tue – Safety by Example; Thu – Safe Use of Mobile Equipment) toolbox talks carried out on site and guest speakers

We have planned demonstrations and will be welcoming guest speakers to promote various safety and health topics in line with the 2022 campaign.

Confined Space Rescue demonstrations, First Aid demonstrations and tool box talks on Occupational Hygiene  for the morning of Friday 21st October at our facilities in Naas co Kildare

TBTs & Presentations on Safety Week Related Items Colouring Competitions Podium Ladder Quiz Spot Prizes for Safe Behaviours

Post about construction safety tips on social media and publish articles on our website.

Similar to last year, we will regularly post to our 10k+ following on Facebook with the hashtag #CIFSafety22, as well as running an ad campaign offering 10% off essential PPE for the week also – hi vis gear, hard hats, eye protection, safety footwear, etc. for the duration of the campaign.

Run events with our workers

CIF Safety Week Multiple Tool Box and Demos

Stand Down for Safety. Tea/ Coffee morning for mental health. School visit on work. Defibrillator awareness training. Emergency scenario drills. Webinar – LOTO/ Hazardous Energy . Webinar – Vehicle safety. Toolbox Talks on daily focus Areas. Site Safety Walk by directors.

Participate in Construction Safety Week – undertake training on the daily topics – external visitor for health and safety demo/presentation.

Conduct weekly toolbox talks.

Our plans for CIF include arranged specific TBT onsite per the theme of the day with our external H&S providers. We will also be sending daily internal comms with the CIF resources and posting on social media throughout.

In house talks and awareness on all categories. All activities will be shared on our social media platforms.

Promote the Lighthouse Club (in particular their Help Inside a Hard Hat Campaign) and mental health awareness in general with posters and toolbox talks. Follow the CIF Safety week schedule with toolbox talks on the topics of the day, and make additional information on the various topics available to all personnel.

Taking part on-site in the events currently outlined by raising awareness through posters, toolbox talks and incentivizing safety observation reports.

A selection of toolbox talks on each site and a mental health talk by a guest speaker.

As part of safety week  Q-nis intend to roll out a number of health and safety courses to improve safety awareness for not only our members but other contractors. We will run a mental health first aid course for our staff and other contractors onsite. We will roll out First Aid training for our staff members including drills on emergency first aid. We will attend all safety promotions including toolbox talks during safety week.  We will roll out a BBS workshop for all supervisors and managers to ensure there is a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities as duty holders.

Toolbox talks will be given all week in association with Safety Week. Dedicated standdowns of work crews with safety briefings being issued.

(1) Implementing awareness of safety topics on sites, (2) Provide site teams with the tools to re-enforce and improve safety, (3) Issue teams talks and presentation to highlight key factors in safety and awareness, (4) Conduct on-site training to highlight issues and provide key knowledge on how to solve/rectify any safety issues that may fall under each category, (5) Engage in question & answer sessions with site teams so they can highlight areas they may need help improving on and offer collaborative on-site training and co-operation to give teams the confidence to reinforce site safety and awareness.

Construction Safety Week in 2022 – to celebrate best practice, to reinforce and promote the importance of safety, health and overall wellbeing at work and in life.

We have Training &  demonstrations arranged with our suppliers on all sites throughout the 2 week period of Construction week.

Daily EHS and Wellbeing Campaigns , Interactive Toolbox talks, Emergency Response Training, HRA Information and Training, F2F and Virtual Health& Wellbeing forums, Lifting Demos, EHS Coffee Mornings,  Publications and Promotions for Month of October on the #CIFSafety22 themes throughout Ireland UK and European projects

Toolbox Talks, On Site Safety Briefings, Safety Videos

Implement and promote on all sites

We are delighted to be a partner with CIF to help promote positive safety health  and well being throughout our sites during the month of October.

  • Week 1 (10-14 October) mental health awareness : 13 October – Flu Vaccines / Lighthouse promotional talks on site / Poster displays / Toolbox talks on Mental Health Awareness
  • Week 2 ( 17-21 October): > 17 October – Safe Access and Egress in house awareness training / Presentation / Poster displays / Toolbox talks / Webinar attendance
  • 19 October – Safe Working at Heights – external MEWP on site training / Poster displays / Toolbox talks / Webinar attendance
  • 21 October – Safe Control of Hazardous energies – internal ESSOW training and presentation on site / Poster displays / Toolbox talks / Webinar attendance
  • Week 3 (24-28 October): > 25 October – Safety by Example – EHS leadership presentation in house / Webinar attendance / Poster Display
  • 27 October – Safe use of mobile equipment – winter driver external training / Webinar attendance / Poster displays / Toolbox talks.

BAM will be participating across 58 work locations this year focusing on the main themes for the month. We will have industry experts delivering training and awareness programmes. Our annual BAM Safety and Wellbeing Day will be on the 11th of October which this year has the theme of “Take 5” focusing on the 5 ways to positive mental health. The Lighthouse Club will be visiting our NCH project on the 13th October with their “Help Inside the Hard Hat” Tour.

A number of initiatives that JPD Civil will be carrying out between the 10th of Oct and the 28th of Oct are as follows; (1) Delivery of Toolbox Talks related to the topics referenced over the 2 weeks; a. safe access & egress b. safe working @ Height c. LOTO etc d. Leading by Example & the significance of same e. Safe Use of Mobile Plant; (2) Coffee Morning with the Workforce to generate some funds for the very worthwhile Lighthouse Club fund; (3) Plant/Equipment Demonstrations e.g. Highlighting Blind Spots etc.

Dornan Engineering are delighted to be taking part in CIF Safety Week 22. The full month of October is Work at Height Awareness Month on all of our projects. This is one of our high-risk activities. We are running a quiz for all site-based operatives to take part in and test their Safe Work at Height knowledge. Also in October, we focus on the quitting smoking challenge (Stoptober) and Mental Health Awareness Day on the 10th of October. And last but not least, we are running the All-Dornan Lunch Time Quiz on October 11th in support of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at Dornan.

TBT every other day based on topics in the calendar. We also have a guest speaker booked to do a breakfast meeting on mental health. We hope to finish the month off with a team building day & an evening out.

We intend to hold talks with staff and send  out communication to all our contracted staff in relation to Construction Safety Week.

We intend to promote safety across all our sites. Conduct Tool box talks and promote overall awareness. Safety week is the best time to promote peoples awareness and help to make them more safety conscious.

Errigal wish to run campaigns based on CIF safety week agenda which includes demonstrations about Safe Working at Height using MEWPS and will organize Hazard Hunts for active craft participation to promote Safety which will be rewarded.

Get site supervisors to do a tool box talk on the top topics of safety week, display posters around offices and sites.

Stand down projects and hold Safety Talks on all sites on the topics that are covered on the relevant dates to ensure all workers understand the key points and all participants engage in discussion on the subject.

We intend to conduct safety awareness toolbox talks daily with all of our staff, we are promoting mental health awareness and conducted a safety day in August 2022 where a guest speaker on mental health came to talk to our team, we have also trained a work colleague in Mental Health First Aid and shared all details with all staff

We will promote Safety Week with all our onsite operatives and across our social media channels.

Mental Health events / guest speaker / toolbox talks / / safety talks / contractor discussion groups

Onnec (formally Kedington) will partner up with CIF to celebrate Safety Week,  to practice, reinforce and promote the importance of health and safety in the workplace.

We will be running daily toolbox talks, webinars and activities from Monday 17th Oct. to run alongside the CIF Safety week.

In-house training / Sub-contractor awareness on issues / RSA training for drivers

Series of toolbox talks and awareness events.

John Murray & Sons (JMSL) actively promotes continuous professional development to our staff with recent examples of the CIOB Diploma and certificate awarded to our site supervisors.

For Construction Safety Week 2022, JMSL will have daily stand-up meetings with our site teams to discuss the day’s topics.

We intend to promote safety week with toolbox talks on site and a poster campaign to support along with social posts around our “safety first” campaign.

We intend to give 100 Lantra approved instructor-led places on Asbestos Awareness for the cost of Lantra certification only, we want to improve safety and awareness in the construction industry.

We intend to continue to promote and improve the health and safety culture on our sites.

We will run a safety blitz for the week,  focused presentations on various topics,  including guest speakers to present on mobile fire safety   WAH – monopole rescue ,  we are running a campaign week  of 10th October focused on mental health and wellbeing,  highlighting our EAP and continuing the conversation on mental health, and we will of course be shining a light on  the “help inside the hardhat” tool.

We are running various safety seminars on our sites, inviting guest speakers to discuss Safety related topics and running a safety initiative amongst our employees.

A range of briefings on all of our sites throughout the South East.

Breakfast Mornings with all the staff, TBT talks on the CIF Safety Week Topics.

We would like to participate in providing TBT (Toolbox topics) on the focused topics.

Fitzsimons Insulations are committed to engaging with the Construction Safety Week 2022. We will begin the week with a briefing on the Construction Safety week topics and aims. Fitzsimons Insulations will display each CIF poster on our premises. Each day we will have a tool box talk on the topic of the day and we will have an open discussion about the key messages.

Tool Box talks on multiple topics  , CSW themed refreshments.

We will run toolbox talks each day on the daily topic, with representatives from some of our major clients taking part also. TBTs will be developed by the HSQE team in conjunction with our site management team. HSQE and site managers will be on site for delivery. These will also feature an open forum for Q & As afterwards.

John Cradock Ltd will be carrying out safety discussions across all sites on the topics highlighted for Construction Safety Week with particular emphasis on mental health, safe access and egress and safe use of mobile equipment which are frequent hazards associated with construction projects completed by JCL.

Automatic Fire Integrated Solutions plan to communicate CIF Construction Safety Week 2022 topics during site visits and via company email distribution and social media platforms.

We intend to:

  • Roadform Limited will be holding a tool box talk on mental health on each of our sites this week, and put up the poster for the Lighthouse Charity, in all canteens, meeting rooms and offices to ensure all workers have access to the information.
  • Next week we will hold tool box talks and briefings on all sites, on the topics set out by the CIF
  • Our safety advisor will hold a ‘Construction Safety Week 2022’ session with all workers, in conjunction with the HSA / CIF program, and have discussions on those topics.

Toolbox Talks on daily topics.  Information signage will be displayed on all site compounds.

Toolbox talks.

Our plan for this coming safety week includes daily toolbox safety talks, site visits from management, safety communications to all personnel and the introduction of a site safety competition to encourage long term compliance.

Display site posters, show CIF videos, give toolbox talks.

Promoting positive safety across our local and international teams and share content from the construction week company wide.

  • Day 1, Monday 17th October -Safety briefing to explain the background to Construction Safety Week. Daily High-Risk Activity focus: “Safe use of  Knives” CIF Safe Access and Egress briefing
  • Day 2, Tuesday 18th October- Daily High-Risk Activity focus: “Staff wellbeing and stress in the  workplace”  Safety briefing on the safe use of pipe threading machines.
  • Day 3, Wednesday 19th  October -Daily High-Risk Activity focus: “CIF Work at height briefing” Environmental awareness “ Recycle , Reuse and Renew “
  • Day 4, Thursday 20th October- Daily High-Risk Activity focus:  “Safe Use of Mobile Equipment” Issue Safety Quiz
  • Day 5, Friday 21st October – Daily High-Risk Activity focus: “CIF Managing Hazardous Energies” Announce winner of quiz.

Our Irish sites are going to take part by ensuring posters for relevant topics are displayed and Toolbox Talks are completed. We intend to roll this out via company email, company SharePoint and social media platforms.

We’re rolling out our updated Working at Heights Awareness training Programme. This is delivered through a combination of online learning and practical on-site sessions. We will be launching the wellbeing section of our Intranet and holding a series of Mental Health information workshops. This year we are also introducing our Safety Training Card Series which will become a feature of our Everyday Safety Ethos.

We will be holding onsite toolbox talks across our sites for the entire week.

We at McGill Construction intend to carry out toolbox talks on all our sites which relate to works presently ongoing on site and related works going forward, we will also be looking for our subcontractors to engage with us and speak openly on how we can all improve  Health & Safety on all our sites.

Our site supervisors will be carrying out tool-box talks with all employees and sub-contractors. A Safety WhatsApp group has been set up so we can easily distribute communications from the CIF.

What we intend to do:

  • Toolbox talks daily with all site management engaged in the delivery of safety talks
  • Fire drills/ emergency evacuation drills.
  • Hazard spotting exercises.
  • On site Safety meetings relaying the ethos of safety week.
  • Safe erection of Mobile towers demonstration given by Scaffolding contractors
  • Harness inspection function and how to carry out inspections
  • Safe Use of MEWPS.

Recognise this week on our social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Collen is delighted to be a sponsor of Construction Safety Week again this year. We will take the opportunity to re-focus on the safety, health and wellbeing of our workers, and will be running a series of events through presentations, guest speakers, practical demonstrations. For example, Shane Lyons from GNS fitness will join us for a number of live webinars and site demonstrations on topics such as fitness, nutrition, health and wellbeing etc. We will also launch our Avoiding the Line of Fire’ campaign.

  • A toolbox talk video will be distributed to all employees via our online training software on Safe Access & Egress discussing the following elements; Site Access; Egress Routes; Slips, trips & falls; Mobile Plant; Excavated Ground; working over or near water; Arrangements of work areas and confined spaces; and finally public access.
  • Our safety manager shall carryout Working at Height training for employees on one of our new projects where there will be substantial working at height. A TBT shall also be distributed.
  • Clonmel Enterprises have invited LES to carry out a safety briefing on the use of CAT scanners, and our engineers discuss the safe working methods for working around underground services safely.
  • On the 25th Traffic Management designers shall discuss TM design and how proper TM design and implementation can lead pedestrians and road users to act safe on the road.
  • For safe use of mobile equipment Clonmel Enterprises shall have a number of machine operators tell us about working in a machine from their perspective and demonstrate what they can and cannot see.

Working at Heights campaign and TBT , Viewing of H.S.A Videos and CIF. Full week of CIF videos and TBT awareness of each topic.

We are sending Safety Alerts to all our staff, on and off site, on each of the topics on each date, with key summary messages, Toolbox Talks for the sites and reminders to all on our EAP available for all our staff and their families.

During the week, Creighan Contracts will aim to promote #CIFSafety22 across our social media channels and engage with our staff to ensure best practice and reinforce and promote the importance of safety, health and overall wellbeing at work.

Promotion of the Lighthouse Club’s Help Inside a Hard Hat Campaign. Follow the CIF Safety toolbox talks.


Construction Safety Week 2022 – Posters A3 – Professional Printing

1st November 2022 pdf (2.48 MB)

Construction Safety Week 2022 – Posters A3 – In-House Printing

1st November 2022 pdf (2.44 MB)

Construction Safety Week 2022 – Logo Pack

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