#CIFSafety23 Partners

October 1st – 31st 2023

What are our 2023 Partners undertaking for Safety Month?

Clancy Construction

  • Company wide promotion of CIF Construction Safety Month, through site visits, EHS meetings, emails, WhatsApp group and LinkedIn.
  • Construction Safety Month posters on sites/head offices, EHS notice boards, offices and canteens etc.
  • Site stand downs on related weekly topics to include toolbox talks, videos and presentations by site management teams.
  • Guest speakers to sites to speak on related topics.
  • Guest Speakers on focus topic areas.
  • Directors Safety Walk on each project.
  • Company Group EHS Manager site talk.
  • Safety Demonstrations for working at heights and plant safety.
  • Defibrillator awareness training.
  • Toolbox Talks on Safety Month Focus Topics.
  • Emergency scenario drills.
  • School visit highlighting safety on site with quiz and prizes.
  • Stand Down for Safety.
  • Site Competitions aimed at promoting site safety
  • We intend to run safety demonstrations and hold toolbox talks for Safety Construction Month.
  • A number of events will be held across Flynn sites and facilities across Ireland, England and our international projects. Workshops and demonstrations will take place in conjunction with our trade partners and invited guests.
  • Poster campaigns across all our projects for CIF Safety Month. Daily Toolbox talks.
  • Refresher EHS training on HRA and critical risks. Townhall meetings with staff and supply chain.
  • Online EHS webinars.
  • Coffee Mornings.
  • Interactive Toolbox talks and demonstrations.
  • Training for Critical risk identification, SPA practical’s, review of RAMS, HRA audit refocus
  • Daily Toolbox Talks
  • Guest Speaker
  • Competitions
  • Share the messages regarding critical risks on all our projects.

Ardlee Consulting is very proud to be given the opportunity to partner with the CIF for Construction Safety Month 2023.

Ardlee Consulting will work with all our clients to raise awareness of the key areas being highlighted across the month by the CIF and will spend time working with our clients teams and workforce to raise the focus on safety across all their projects during this very important period in the construction calendar for 2023.

We are holding health screening, toolbox talks, team building sports games

The O’Flynn group are participating in all events held for Safety Month 2023

Glenveagh are showing safety videos to their employees covering:

  • Excavation best practice,
  • Plant safety
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Lift safety

They also plan on conducting toolbox talks with contractors,  presenting Host talks on site and launching the Glenveagh Safety Commitment on all sites.

Our sites in both Ireland and the UK will be getting involved in #cifsafety23 with events planned for each live site. Commencing on Monday 2nd October with a confined space demonstration. We have a tower crane simulator attending site to show operatives the site from a tower crane drivers prospective, including restricted views and blind lifts. We also have a series of external visitors booked to speak to operatives on topics including mental health and addiction.

We intend to do free training on Ladder Use and Ladder Inspection’s for operatives.

As PSCS, we intend to focus on suicide awareness by promoting the OHANA suicide prevention programme on site. We will also focus on cancer awareness in week one. For the remainder of the time we intend to focus on WAH, Asbestos Awareness, Silica Dust and Manual Handling.

Wills Bros Ltd are committed to fully participating across all our site and projects in cooperation and collaboration with our clients, regulators, designers  and project delivery partners promoting our ONE TEAM, Work safely ethos based on a PLAN DO CHECK ACT mentality and our culture of safety

Tritech will conduct Flu Vaccines, Mental Health Awareness Training, Safety Awareness Talks and Driver Safety Training.

KSSL are taking part in CIF Safety month. We will be picking topics relevant to our industry and delivering talks and practical training with all our team. We like to get our employees families involved to really drive home the importance of working safely as families are waiting for us at home. This year we have planned a guest speaker to deliver a talk to our teams on building resilience.

We are providing safety talks all over Ireland for some of Ireland’s biggest Contractors. We are honored to to take part of Construction Safety Month 2023.

We will focus on 4 critical risks.

  1. Work at Heights
  2. Mobile Plant (and pinch points between mobile plant and fixed objects)
  3. 3. Silica Dust
  4. 4. Skin Cancer

We will issue campaigns and advice via ezines, site talks, and presentations on these topics. Focusing on one topic per week over the month.

We look forward to partnering with our clients in the construction industry using our theatre-based events and dramatisations to support safety culture on sites.

Complete series of safety activities across our business, further reinforcing our safety commitments.

Supporting our clients in the construction industry with their safety communications.

Skillko is a training and competency compliance platform built for HSE leaders, which uses data and AI to help ensure all staff are safe and compliant at the point of service. During Safety Month we will be showcasing how our clients are using our technology platform to promote and facilitate a safer workforce.

We intend to make H+S a priority among our employees.

We will run safety specific events in cooperation with our sustaining contractors on site. Aligning with the themes for the month we will look to raise awareness among our construction teams on site around safety, health and wellbeing in the spirit of the Johnson and Johnson Credo.

Farrans are at the fore in the promotion of Safety and Wellbeing across all of our sites and projects. We will hold Safety Stand-downs with a presentation on the daily topic from the Construction Safety promotion. We will provide promotional safety material to all personnel including our clients representatives. We will issue new PPE to all staff and everybody gets a winter-warm hard hat liner.

We will be encouraging our members to share their stories and support the month’s CIF activities.

Raise awareness throughout October across all our sites as to the critical risks that we encounter in Construction and how best to highlight, address and continuously improve both our work practices and safety culture.

Promote CSM23 across social media and with our customer base. Deliver Safety Talks on behalf of our customers based on themes highlighted by CIF.

We are currently compiling our schedule for the month, but will be covering the following:

– Know your safe zones campaign

– Temporary works lunch and learns

– Demonstrations from Westport Equipment & other providers on critical risks

– TBT’s

– Colouring competitions in our local schools

– Internal competition for best Safety Observations

– External speakers lined up

– Safety stand downs

Here at Phase Engineering we are also a Safety Training company ‘Training24’. We are passionate about safety, upholding best practices/PPE & awareness in regards to all things safety.

Myself & my team have been discussing possible plans to roll out some safety training refresher courses across the company as well as spreading awareness through our website ‘training24.ie’.

Site Talks on critical risks

H&S Keynote speaker talks

Senior Leadership EHS tours and talks

Drills relevant to risks on site

Toolbox talks, raise awareness across all sites on relevant safety critical topics across the month of October.

As part of this year’s CIF Construction Safety Month, TLI Group Ltd. is running a dedicated week of events that will focus on Health, Safety, Mental Health, and Wellbeing across all our sites and offices. This will include:

  • Safety Briefing – Critical Risks
  • Safety Poster Campaigns
  • Safety Standdown Sessions
  • Guest Speakers
  • Mental Health Survey
  • Quizzes and Competitions
  1. Run all the alerts and safety days to co inside with the CIF construction month.
  2. Give away a Lenovo Tablet Computer to promote the month.
  3. We are running a Mental Health First Aid course for 12 people within the company for different departments 4. All tool box talks will highlight the Focus on Critical Risks 5. Look to bring some suppliers on site for the TBT

Errigal Group is conducting safety campaigns and toolbox talks across all its projects in Ireland, Uk, and Europe.


Ashview Consultants is committed to promoting improved health and safety within the construction industry, and we are excited to participate in this important initiative. As part of our contribution to Construction Safety Month our experienced team will organize an informative on-site talk aimed at raising awareness about critical risks within the construction environment and we will arrange a supplier visit to engage with industry professionals and discuss the safe and responsible usage of construction products and equipment.

We understand the importance of collaborative efforts in driving positive change, and we are enthusiastic about contributing to the success of Construction Safety Month.

Promotion of our groupwide Employee Assistance Programme and H&W calendar. Plus additional support of the Lighthouse Club.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops on sites – led by our H&W Consultant.

Toolbox Talks on all sites across the month.

Presentation on ATEX and associated dangers.

Rebranding October as OSH-tober on our projects.

Focusing on ‘Finishing Strong’ as one of our projects moves towards its end. Emphasis on different topic each day – Manual Handling, Tools & equipment, Emergency Response, PPE, COHE, Work at Height. Daily pre-start TBT’s with supervisors. Weekly Quiz and Housekeeping focus daily

During the 2023 annual CIF Safety Week Campaign MTM Engineering Ltd have set out the following

Access & Egress:

-Daily Practical TBT’s across all Irish and European Projects, -Develop Access and Egress reports each week for the month of October and measure safe systems of work on access and egress. This will also be developed with Working at height awareness practical TBT’s.

-LOTO Awareness programme role out on LOTO and Hazardous Energies applicable to the company scope of works across all current projects.

-Leadership: Senior Management to complete site safety Audits across all projects over the month of October with the MTM In House EHS Advisor teams.

Health and safety campaign focusing on identified key critical risks on all our sites through -Tool Box Talks -Site Management Briefings

Company wide promotion of  CIF Construction Safety Month, through site safety meetings, morning safety calls,

emails and tool box talks.

– Director safety walks

– Emergency scenario drills

– Site competitions aimed at promoting safety

Social media campaign based on construction safety and SafetyCare.

Email campaign to customers in construction sector

We are proposing to have a company wide promotion of CIF Construction Safety Month, through site visits, EHS meetings, emails.

The Construction Safety Month posters will be displayed on sites/head offices, EHS notice boards, offices and canteens etc.

Site stand downs on related weekly topics to include toolbox talks, videos and presentations by site management teams.

CWHT have been requested to come to site .

Cairn are fully committed to participating across all our sites in cooperation with our employees and our supply chain to continuously improve the H&S standards and awareness of each trades critical risks. The following events will be taking place across all Cairn sites.

–       Site stand downs and breakfast mornings.

–       “No Falls This Fall” campaign across all sites throughout October.

–       Company wide promotion of CIF Construction Safety Month, through site visits.

–       Construction Safety Month posters on sites/head offices, EHS notice boards, offices and canteens etc.

–       Site stand downs on related weekly topics to include toolbox talks and presentations by site management


–       Guest speakers to sites to speak on related topics

We propose a brief presentation of the Safety Aspects of the MEWP Equipment( Amongst various other pieces of work equipment)  whereby the Basic Operation of the machine will be outlined. The Safety checks that will need to be carried out each day, what the equipment can do, what can go wrong etc. We will incorporate the issue of Working At Height and the correct PPE that should be worn.

In addition, we will talk to the clients regarding the critical risks involved in each specific job.

As part of safety month, we will compile a review of our works to determine the critical safety risks. We will then hold a number of safety stand down meetings to review and discuss with our own employees and our delivery partners.

We will follow on with the documentation

Weekly Toolbox talks

We are currently carrying out health & wellbeing workshops across our work locations. We will also be carrying out TBT on the following topics during Safety Month.

  1. Access & Egress
  2. Live Services
  3. Safe Working at Height
  4. Safe Use of Mobile Equipment
  5. Mental Health & Wellbeing

Speakers from CJKs supply chain on topics surrounding critical risk control Business Unit Lead / Directors site walks and interaction with field staff across CSM Onsite demonstrations for working at heights, control of hazardous energies, plant and equipment etc.

Multiple Toolbox Talks on Safety Month Focus Topics.

Demonstration’s onsite from CJK training partners Health and wellness sessions Site Competitions aimed at promoting Environment, Health and Safety

We will be using the first week to re-promote our internal employee assistance programme.  While also attending each of our sites to carryout mental health awareness training on recognising and managing stress, anxiety, and depression and encourage open discussions about mental health.

Each of our sites will be responsible for promoting physical activity and nutrition through weekly challenges or competitions.

Our identified 5 Critical Risks are :

Mobile Plant


Safe Lifting & Loads

The Public & Traffic Management

Safe Use of Tools & Equipment.

Each of the critical risks shall be assigned to a day and we look forward incorporating engaging visuals, signage, and safety video ‘s created by our HSEQ team with the help of our crews, with the aim of reinforcing our safety messages to all our employees, agency workers and subcontractors through our online training portal.

Keep our sites updated via Safety Alerts on the weekly topics for Safety Month 2023, including relevant Toolbox Talks for use on sites.


We are bringing a First Aid trainer to site to carry out CPR demonstrations and will carry out Tool box talks weekly.

Trident’s participation in  the CIF Safety Month campaign will involve the following:

– Highlighting the critical risks of our employee’s roles on site  through Asbestos Awareness Training and Working at Height Training

– We will be assessing the ergonomics of our work environment and work stations, to ensure all work tasks are carried out in a safe manner

– We will also promote the importance of Positive Mental Health in a Work Environment, through games and activities at our annual company wide team building event called “Trident Day”, which is being hosted by our London branch this year

We intend to do complete an on site talk on some critical risks. Also we planning to see if we can get a supplier out to  our sites to talk through safe use of a product we use.

Weekly Tool Box Talks on the suggested topics, including  Positive Mental Health

Critical risks including Temporary Works, Safe (Un)Loading, Access / Egress, Mobile Plant, HV Electricity, Public Safety, Traffic Management Safety

Senior management safety tours to be undertaken,

Throughout Construction Safety Month #CSM23 we will be working with our teams, clients, subcontractors, suppliers, approved training providers and other stakeholders to collaboratively highlight the benefits of managing our Critical Risks and to promote the services, support and information available to enhance our physical and mental health.

We will be sharing our social media strategy throughout the month about ‘Top Tips’ and the ‘To Know’ on critical risks. We have a full campaign ready about various critical risks to share across our social media platforms and include information on our website. We are also partnering with our clients to host toolbox talks onsite with material for employees

MKO plan to get involved with the various themes and perform on site safety training with out clients to tie in with these themes.

John Murray & Sons will use the Construction Safety Month themes to reinforce the company’s commitment to deliver a safe management system to provide a safe workspace for employees,  subcontract partners and visitors. We will use several different means to get the safe message out, from in-person TBTs to WhatsApp and email messaging.

Monami Construction intend to provide site teams with the tools to reinforce and improve safety by providing talks and presentations to highlight key factors in safety and awareness in line with the CIF safety week.

Our safety advisors will conduct site training to highlight issues and provide key knowledge on how to solve and rectify any safety issues that may fall under each category.

To reinforce training received, our advisors will engage in question and answer sessions with site teams so they can highlight areas they may need help improving on and offer collaborative on-site training and co-operation to give teams the confidence to reinforce site safety and awareness.

JMG EHS Solutions Ltd  continuously  work with all our clients  on a day to day basis  to raise awareness and ensure the appropriate control measures are in place to combat the Hazards that  are present in our industry today.

During this years CIF Safety Month we shall execute a targeted approach with our clients to review the principles of “Back to Basics” with the following elements to the fore;

  1. Are Clients explicitly aware of their critical risks associated with their Package(s) of Works.
  2. Are the appropriate controls in place to manage these identified Risks.
  3. Are staff and there associated supply chain aware of these risks.
  4. Are the appropriate controls in place.

This targeted approach will involve collaborative forums (e.g. workshops & TB Talks), site tours with client representative’s  and demonstrations.

We are excited to embrace Construction Safety Month 2023 at P&D Lydon. We believe the month long focus will be a great new initiative for CIF.

Each week we will concentrate on the weekly focus items and key dates for critical risks through poster campagns, toolbox talks, stand down sessions, social media and employee engagement competitions

Company wide promotion of CIF Construction Safety Month, through site visits, Health & Safety meetings, Toolbox Talks, Emails, and social media.

T&A will continue to reinforce the company’s commitment to deliver a safe management system to provide a safe workspace for our employees,  subcontract partners and visitors.

T&A are proud to be taking part in the CIF Safety Month Campaign.

Ralkore Ltd. are delighted to  participate in this years Construction Safety Month Campaign  by carrying out toolbox talks and site briefings focused on our specific Critical Risks, The Importance of the Correct RPE and Dust Suppression Systems, and Positive Mental Health Awareness.

Daily Toolbox talks , some delivered by  guest speakers.

Reinforce safety commitments across sites, factory and offices by working with our teams, clients, subcontractors and supply chain on a series of events and initiatives to highlight critical safety risks and place a spotlight on positive mental health, and health and wellness

We intend to carry out TBT with all staff in the various locations that we operate out of.

Safety awards for overall personal contribution to H&S awareness within their team

Discussion with staff on how to identify Critical Risks identify and implement controls and review effectiveness.

Bretland Construction are committed to full roll out of CIF Construction Safety Month across all sites, and to ensure our entire sully chain are fully involved in the process. We will deliver in-house Critical Risk Identification Training to staff, our directors will lead the way in carryout out additional site visits (and audits) and our wider supply chain will benefit from our Online EHS Awareness Webinars.

Townlink Construction intend to use the themes of the Construction Safety Month safety topics to integrate with our weekly toolbox talks and safety communications matrix  to deliver interaction presentations and discussions on all of our projects.

We hope to involve all of our subcontractors in all of these presentations, some of which will be given by external speakers to deliver these discussions.

We also hope to hold an interactive quiz with all participants on the final day with a prize giving following the last talk.

Ballymore will ensure that Positive Mental Health & Wellness & Critical risks are highlighted and discussed across all live sites during the the month of October:

– TBTs will be carried out on positive mental health & key critical risks across all sites during the month.

– Site Demos on critical risk areas to be carried out across all sites and offices.

– Engage with our contractors to carry out H&S talks & demonstrations on critical risks.

– Positive Mental health and wellness and critical risk posters to be displayed on noticeboards across all sites.

– Senior Management to reinforce the safety and health messages across all sites during the month.

For construction safety month we will be undertaking site talks on various health and safety topics incorporating the risks posed and the associated control measures. We will also be undertaking talks on personal health topics including heart health, mental health and  healthy diets.

Have a theme for each week across all projects.

Week 1 – Positive Mental Health talk

Week 2 – Safe working around Plant & Equipment demos on sites Week 3 – Safe Work at Heights and Lifting demo Week 4 – Slips trips and falls Practical demo safety week quiz across all projects

Weekly Site Toolbox Talks as standard with emphasis and involvement from all site personnel for Construction safety month. Competitions weekly for innovative ideas on improving site safety in specific divisions of the company. We are trying to arrange a guest speaker on use of Work at height equipment including MEWP, Mobile Tower etc.

People Plant Segregation, Working at height, Safety awareness, Scaffold Safety, Mental Health

– Lighthouse Club visit booked: Make it visible campaign

– Construction Safety Month posters across the organization

– Site Managers to carry out Tool Box talks to all the workforce to increase management involvement in safety

Critical/High Risk Activities covered via Toolbox Talks on all Sites over the Month & Demonstrations  where these can be arranged also

Designer Duties Presentation for all Engineers / Design Risk Assessment Training / Menopause Awareness / First Aid Demonstration & Talk / Presentation by Aware Mental Health Charity

Throughout safety month we intend to conduct many site talks highlighting every day risks involved in the construction industry. We are also focusing on health and wellbeing – on two days during the month of October we are offering free health check and flu jabs to all MMD Construction staff.

We plan to raise awareness about the importance of proactive safety measures  through toolbox talks, conduct on site safety assessments, and provide training to empower construction professionals with the knowledge and skills to mitigate risks effectively.

Various Tool Box Talks ETC.

We have site talks on excavations and plant safety. We have lighthouse club coming to site to have a chat on mental health. We are trying to organize a mobile health check van with a nurse to carry out a health check on our employees.

We will have, site stand downs on related weekly topics to include toolbox talks, videos, and presentations by site management teams on the critical Risks below including live interaction demonstrations.


  1. Work at Heights with the use of Power Point presentations & practical demonstrations across the country on various sites including our sites in mainland Europe.
  2. Electrical safety
  3. Drivers Fatigue
  4. Workstations & pre task planning –
  5. Mental Health & Well-being – Guest speaker to visits numerous sites over the month to speak about Mental Health & Well-being.


With the aid of Construction Safety Month posters on sites/head offices, EHS notice boards, offices, and canteens etc. Company Emails & Safety meetings to discuss critical Risks further throughout the month.

Speakers will be brought to 3 of our sites on 3 different weeks for specific focus topics: Silica dust, moving plant and machinery and personal protective equipment.

Focus on our critical risks.

Week #      Date – week commencing          Topic

1                Mon 2nd to Fri 8th October        Spotlight on Positive Mental Health, Health & Wellbeing

2                Mon 9th to Fri 13th October       Electrical Safety – Working on or near Energised Systems

3                 Mon 16th to Fri 20th October    Lifting & Shifting Activities

4                 Mon 23rd to Fri 27th October    Line of Fire Injuries

5                 Mon 30th to Tues 31st October  Working at Heights from MEWPs

Walk for Wellbeing

Daily toolbox talks

As part of our commitment to safety excellence, we are launching a ROSS/CIF safety month programme in October to raise awareness and prevent critical risks in our operations. Critical risks are those that have the potential to cause serious injury or fatality, such as working at heights, confined spaces, electrical hazards, and moving equipment. We want to empower our employees and contractors to identify, assess, and control these risks before they become incidents.

As part of the safety month, we have planned several sessions across different work areas (see the attached programme) to help our employees understand the critical risks and how to handle them effectively, to maintain everyone’s interest. After each session, we will give a written quiz to all the employees, foremen and supervisors, and the best performers will be rewarded by the Top Management at the Ross CIF closing ceremony, which will take place on Monday 16 October 2023 at DCF.


Construction Safety Month 2023 Program

Workstations    WW      Date    High Risks PPT Discussion and Workers Involvement Q/A

FAB (F34 & P1222)       40      02/10/2023      Working around live services, Rigging operations A Frame Gantry), AMHS, Manual Handling)

Docks & SUBFAB (F34 & P1222)    40      04/10/2023      Moving Machinery, Overhead Crane, working at height (Docks deck), Drilling Works

DCF     41      09/10/2023      Moving Machinery, Overhead Crane, working at height (Docks deck), Portable Tools

BB      41      11/10/2023      Moving Machinery, Lifting, Hot works,


EHS Lead will kick off ROSS CIF safety month closing ceremony by briefing about campaign and best practices from our sites that demonstrate how we are reducing our exposure to these risks. (we have conducted several workshops within this year will share pictures, Ross Stop the Drop Initiatives Tool Tether board & Warning Signages) and there will be speech from Project Manager, Operations Manager and Directors, in the end there will be award distribution by Directors to those employees get high scoring during the CIF safety month programme.


Awards will be distributed as follow:-

01 Number Supervisor

02 Number Forman

05 Number Operatives.


if more than one person achieves highest marks, there will be a draw to choose the final 01 Nos supervisor, 02 Nos Foremen, 05 Nos operatives.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we can only achieve our goal of zero harm by working together. Let’s make this safety month a success and keep ourselves and our colleagues safe from critical risks.

MCSS shall conduct promotional talks on various sites throughout the month. Guest speakers will also be in attendance.

Park Developments look forward to participating once again in this year’s CIF Construction Safety Month.  It is a great opportunity to discuss critical risks with our project teams in a positive and interactive way,


We will be promoting positive mental health and wellbeing throughout the month and will deliver several townhall meetings, critical risk demonstrations such as lifting and working at heights, along with guest speakers such as Dr Patrick Bruce from TUDublin University, who will discuss his research findings in relation to ‘workplace stress in the Irish Construction Industry’.


We look forward to sharing and promoting positive initiatives with other companies and participating in social media links #CIFSafety23.

Weekly Toolbox Talk, Coffee Morning for Hospice, send out promotional Videos

Throughout Construction Safety Month 2023 we will be providing weekly updates to our all operatives together with holding toolbox talks with particular emphasis on critical risks, in all aspects of their working day.

We will be running several demonstrations across our projects during the month, from talks on Mental Health, to live demos on Work at Heights, Ladder Safety, Plant Safety, LOTO Procedures, etc.

MMP plan to highlight the daily safety topics to our via our internal messaging system. We will have the Safety Week posters in our canteen area and generate discussions around each daily topic.

As an access provider Brogan Group working safely from height is integral to what we do.  We will be leading a series of demonstrations across various sites  in Ireland on the dangers of objects falling from height.


A ‘Stop the drop’ demonstration will  see objects dropped from a Scaffolding platform through a pipe onto Melons, with and without protective hard hats, visualising the dangers of not wearing the correct headwear on site.

At Axis Construction we are proposing to conduct 4 extra Tool Box Talks on site, Our chosen topics = Prioritizing your mental health, Winter Readiness, Intoxicants at Work , Health For All. We also are displaying CIF posters throughout our sites. For Safety Month we have also purchased a Defib for one of our sites to ensure as many of our sites have an available Defibrillator at a close location to our site.

Lynskey Engineering’s EHS department will engage in a  company wide promotion of the CIF Construction Safety Month topics, through site visits, Tool Box Talks, Emails, and Social Media.

Construction Safety Month posters will be visible on all projects & in Head Office Site Toolbox talks will be carried out relating to the weekly topics.

Promotion of our Employee Assistance Program over all sites.

Murphy Ireland will be holding various events throughout the month of October focusing on our High Risk Activities, including:

Service Avoidance

Work at Height


Lifting Operations

Temporary Works

Electrical Safety

During the Construction Safety Month we have organized a number of events to take place in the coming weeks, they are as follow:


– Health screen for all operative across all sites

– Practical presentation on CAT scanning

– Toolbox talk covering all hazards associated to our activities on sites.

– Keynote speaker on working at heights

– Get together lunch with management team and operatives to discuss safety concerns

Support the campaign and promote safety in the construction sector

Robert Quinn Ltd. are delighted to be partnering with the CIF Construction Safety Month 2023. We truly value this opportunity to highlight the importance of construction safety and promote the best practices in the industry.


During the month of October, we will be focusing on various crucial topics that are of utmost significance in ensuring a safe working environment. Our site toolbox talks and site discussions will cover important topics such as:


  • Safe Access and Egress
  • Safe use of Mobile Equipment
  • Safe Working at Height
  • Safety by example which will cover Mental Health


By addressing these topics, we aim to raise awareness about potential hazards and provide the requisite knowledge and skills required to mitigate risks effectively.

JCL will be promoting the 5 critical risks associated with our civil engineering contracts across the country including safe access and egress for pedestrians, plant and the public, safe working at heights and working with plant movements.  We will also be focusing on mental health and promoting the services of the Lighthouse Club on sites.  Toolbox talks, safety stand downs, presentations and speakers will assist in communicating the safety messages of Construction Safety Month 2023 to all JCL employees and sub-contractors.

We will be doing a range of toolbox talks on-site and information posts for office staff.

We have High Risk Activity videos we are going to use as well as posters We have a range of links and useful information on mental health, working at height, driving to work, electrical, civil, and construction safety etc..

In Roadstone Ltd there will be a companywide promotion of CIF Construction Safety Month, through site visits, safety meetings, emails, and WhatsApp group

       Roadstone Ltd will complete Toolbox Talks on Safety Month Focus Topics

       Roadstone Ltd are offering free health check and flu jabs to all Roadstone Ltd staff

As a company supporter of the Lighthouse Club we will be using the month of October to Reinforce the importance of understanding mental Health Issues and ensuring our people know where to look for support

Kilwex shall be running a series of safety initiatives across all our projects to promote a positive safety culture and focus on the critical risks to our operations.


This will include talks on demonstrations on plant-person interface, excavation safety, underground services and occupational health

Health & Safety Talks to be conducted

We intend to carry out a wide rang of toolbox talks during Construction safety Month


Afternoon lunch and breakfast held in the site canteen for mental health week – this is to get workers chatting to one another and to take a break from the madness of work life.


We intend to complete a demonstration on safe use of mobile equipment


We intend on demonstrating safe working at heights with use of a harness – especially when working in an excavation as sometimes its forgotten this is deemed working at height

The Health & Safety Review will highlight construction related topics which promote health and safety in the construction sector through our publication, website and social media.

Guest Speakers,


Dedicated WhatsApp Groups,

Tool-Box Talks,

Engage with Clients and Design Teams re. Safety Month

We are hosting a company information morning, discussing Critical risks, chemical safety and various inhouse incentives as well as in house training and appointing a safety representative now that our company has over 10 staff members.

For this year’s Health and Safety Month, our objective is to spotlight the pivotal hazards within the construction sector. We aim to initiate discussions surrounding the nature of these critical risks in the construction industry, impart insights into their identification, outline actionable steps to mitigate these risks, and ultimately enhance workplace safety, fostering a safer and more secure environment.”

We intend to raise awareness every single day by interacting with crews.

We will deliver toolbox talks on topics such including mental health and details of available support We will take part in safety demonstrations including work at height.

We will have on site safety talks and walkdowns focusing on Critical Risks


Register employees for the Critical Risks in Residential construction webinar

We have identified 12 critical risks for our internal reporting system and clients reporting system.  We will be educating our workforce in relation to practical drills to improve skills.

We will be promoting our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) across our Irish and European sites for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Toolbox talks on all our sites for the month of October.

Focusing on Mental Health and Wellbeing, Working at Height Safely, Safe Plant and Equipment and Live Energies.

For Construction Safety Month, JF. Flynn will be carrying out various activities across construction sites to raise awareness on the importance of knowing about critical risks and the controls that need to be put in place to manage these risks.


Fire safety training has been arranged over the next few weeks, which will help staff members to familiarise themselves with preventing fires, evacuation procedures, extinguisher operation, fire alarms, what to do in an emergency, means of escape and storage of flammable liquids.

An Emergency Evacuation Drill will also be conducted on site and in head office, to ensure that everyone knows how to exit safely as quickly as possible if a fire, smoke, carbon dioxide or other emergency occurs.


Our critical risks: (we will focus on one per week throughout the month

  • Work at Height
  • Safe use of Plant and Machinery on site
  • Dust Management
  • Fire Safety


Toolbox talks are being carried out once a week on every site, discussing topics such as personal protective equipment, manual handling, slips, trips and falls, fire safety, lifting equipment, podium ladders, use of scaffolding and other different matters.

We will be rewarding good behaviour’s and running numerous events with clients through out the month of October.

Company-wide promotion of CIF Construction Safety Month, through our company-wide video calls and emails.

Construction Safety Month posters in head offices and canteens etc.

Office stand down to cover site safety topics via videos and presentations by management teams

We are a Health and Safety Training and Consultancy company with a number of Consultants, Safety Advisors and Safety Officers working around the country on a variety of sites holding safety days in line with the CIF Critical Risks focus. We work across a wide variety of industries ranging from  Renewable Energies, to Industrial, Pharmaceutical to domestic house builds. We are also company supporters of the lighthouse club and are starting to roll out all the resources that have been offered to us and our staff.

Here at Glebe Builders in Donegal, over the last number of years we have the goal of improving Health & Safety within our Company. We are delighted to be recently awarded our safety T Cert and for the second year in a row we have gone up in grade.


For the  month of October, we will have a strong emphasis of Health safety & wellbeing within the Company.

We have advised all staff of makeitvisible campaign and the resources that are free and available to them.

We also will increases our toolbox talks focusing on the weekly topics.

Most of our projects are residential,  we have signed up for the webinar on the 12/10 and look forward to learning from the leading developers in Ireland.



Here at Glebe Builders we are also trying to improve on our standards and welcome the opportunity to become a partner.

For Construction Safety Week we are taking an interactive approach with our workers discussing mental health and critical risks which apply to our company.


We have reached out to the lighthouse club and we hope to catch them on some of our sites during their Ireland Tour. Crews on site have been given a TBT to make them aware of the service that the lighthouse club provides.


We will be having interactive Toolbox Talks/ discussions about the critical risks affecting our crews over the next month. We hope that using the feedback received from these discussions can be used in a proactive manner to protect the health and safety of our workers.


The topics will be:

Safe Access / Egress

Working Near Water

Mobile Plant

Working at Height

High Voltage Electricity

Safe Loading and Lifting Operations


Thank you for the use of your partner logo for our promotional material.  We will put a blog on our website and link to our LinkedIn page and google business page.  We will also deliver toolbox talks on critical risks at site visits this month.

We will be implementing our new fully integrated concrete skip cleaning system on site. Concrete skips are loaded onto the system and cleaned automatically with the operator kept at a safe distance in a sealed cab.  During the cleaning process the slurry is separated into liquid and solids and reconstituted. Good for the environment also!

This system forms another automated part of our work ethic where our concrete pump wash out system which was implemented during the summer allows for pumps and booms to be cleaned out without operators being required to take a wash lance in their hand. Again the spill wastes is captured, separated and reconstituted without the necessity of an operator working in close proximity.

Weekly toolbox safety talks with our welders and fabricators.

Week 1: 2nd – 8th October

– Safety month briefing explaining the background to Construction Safety month.

– Safe Control of Hazardous Energies

– Mental Health Awareness Week


Week 2: 9th – 15th October

– Safety Awareness Using Power Tools

– Driving for Work Awareness

– MEWP Safety Awareness


Week 3: 16th – 22nd October

– Apprentice Safety and New Starters

– ACM Apprentice Safety Video

– Work at Height


Week 4: 23rd – 31st October

– Hazards associated with exposure to Silica Dust

– Issue Safety Quiz

– Announce the prize winner

We intend to create posts on safety on site and etc to raise safety awareness

We are about to launch  Online induction modules for specialised lifting equipment, such as glass vacuum lifters, glazing robots, pick and carry cranes, and counterbalance beams. Over the years we have learnt a few things and in conjunction with many of our clients and their feedback, found that operators manuals, quite often are used as the go-to when something goes wrong – that’s too late! and we aim to change that!

As technology improves it is no longer the case that someone versed in Vacuum lifters can use safely all the variations of Glass Vacuum lifters safely and effectively. Quite simply put not all Vacuum lifters are created equal! And that’s the same for Counterbalance beams, Glazing robots and just about everything you can think of.


We plan to do – On site presentations on the importance of specialised lifting equipment induction

– Display CIF Posters and Material on all sites

– Carry out Weekly Tool box talks on sites

– Coffee Mornings

– Directors site visits and reinforce our safety commitments.

We will deliver a programme of #CIFSafety23 talks in addition to our standard weekly toolbox talks on all sites.

We will promote #CIFSafety23 across all sites and social media channels.

We will continue to promote our record – 476 days since our last recordable accident along with the following

1) Promotion of our companywide Employee Assistance Programme

2) Promotion of #CIFSafety23 Toolbox Talks on all sites across the month including “Winter Ready”

3) Promotion of related topics each week– such as; Vehicles on Site & Site Deliveries, Safety certs, Housekeeping & Exclusion zones, Site safety Documentation, General Health & Wellbeing  and Chemical Awareness.

Reassess all safety documentation to ensure accurate info.

Implementation of mandatory toolbox talks covering office and on site topics so all company is involved

Stand-downs and Toolbox Talks on the following subjects:

Safe Access / Egress: Safe Access & Egress -Construction Industry Federation (cif.ie) Safe Control of Hazardous Energies: Safe Control of Hazardous Energies -Construction Industry Federation (cif.ie) Safe Use of Mobile Equipment: Safe Use of Mobile Equipment -Construction Industry Federation (cif.ie) Safe Working at Height: Safe Working at Height -Construction Industry Federation (cif.ie) Safety by Example: Safety by Example -Construction Industry Federation (cif.ie)

CCG intend on carrying out several safety seminars across the month to focus on the chosen topics by the CIF.

Some of the projects we are currently carrying out are within the critical infrastructure sector so the topics are quite relevant to current projects and work activities we are currently undertaking.

Multiple tool box talks , demos, safety themed refreshments

Raise awareness for each of the topics of Construction Safety Month through internal communications, toolbox talks, promotional materials, posters, etc

Our current critical risk is  Safe access and egress to the work locations within the site alongside Mobile site Plant and Equipment.


We will be carrying out toolbox talks to highlight the risks and also inform the workers to: – use pedestrian access ways that are set up as safe access routes; ensure they have Hi-vis workwear; refrain from using mobile phones whist onsite.

We will also instruct our Mobile plant & equipment operators to be vigilant for pedestrian access ways and not be using radios or mobile phones whist operating plant.

Site lighting will be installed by GEDA to avoid the low visibility with the darker mornings and evenings setting in.

Week 1: Biological & Chemical Hazards. Dust and Fumes Management


Week 2: Work at Heights


Week 3: People Plant Interface


Week 4: Emergency Response

ABM intend to take part in the CIF training week as a Partner member.

We Intend to hold toolbox talks and workshops on Critical ABM Safety Essentials -Working at Height, Excavations, Lifting Heavy Components, Access to works and Moving Plant.

We will be holding two initiatives, one Wednesday 11th October on the importance of Safe Driving at Work. The initiative will be an informal toolbox, structuring it like a quiz to make it a bit more interactive.


The other topic will be Hazardous Energies and will take place Thursday 19th October. All field staff will attend this and we will demonstrate how to identify live cables, LOTO, do’s and don’ts of electricity etc. using new distribution boards.

We intend to host on site talks on our critical risks to promote safety on site. We will also host a coffee morning to discuss and promote positive mental health amongst our staff.

The Various steps in planning , preparing and conducting Excavations , the control measures, AF3 Inspections, backfill ( use of plant), P&VM, Housekeeping

We are running extra tool box talks on site throughout the month on on critical risks, using your supplied resources.

Promote CIF Construction Safety Week on all sites Daily Tool Box Talks on Safety Week Topics Safety Quiz on Critical Risk.

  • APC will conduct on-site safety talks at our construction sites, with a specific focus on critical risks. These talks will address key safety issues, such as fall protection, machinery operation, hasard recognition, and more. These talks will not only educate our workforce but also give them an opportunity to ask questions and share their concerns.
  • Safety Audits: Throughout the month, APC will conduct comprehensive safety audits at our construction sites. These audits will help identify areas for improvement and ensure that our safety protocols are being followed correctly.
  • Safety Promotions: APC will launch safety promotion campaigns, such as safety posters, newsletters, and reminders, to keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds. These materials will reinforce our commitment to safety and provide quick reminders of best practices.
  • Employee Feedback: APC will actively seek feedback from our employees about safety concerns and suggestions for improvement. This feedback will be valuable in making necessary adjustments to our safety policies and procedures.
  • Recognition and Rewards: To incentivise a strong safety culture, APC will establish a system to recognise and reward individuals and teams that excel in safety performance. This recognition can take the form of awards, certificates, or other incentives.
  • Emergency Response APC will coordinate emergency response drills to ensure that our employees are well-prepared to respond to potential incidents.
  • Continuous Improvement: The focus during the safety month is part of our ongoing commitment to safety. APC will emphasise the importance of a culture of continuous improvement in safety practices, encouraging everyone to make safety a top priority.

We plan on doing a tool box talk on every theme from safety month, including mental health, fire safety, working et heights etc.

We are also having a coffee and chat morning for wellbeing and positive mental health, as well as a group presentation on being open and talking to your team on how you feel.

We plan on doing a tool box talk on every theme from safety month, including mental health, fire safety, working et heights etc.

We are also having a coffee and chat morning for wellbeing and positive mental health, as well as a group presentation on being open and talking to your team on how you feel.

During Construction Safety Month, we are reminded about the significance of safety, health, and welfare at work.

To mark World Mental Health Day, we rolled out a dedicated mental health toolbox talk. Mental Health and Wellbeing is now a critical part of the construction industry’s safety culture. In an industry known for its resilience and dedication, it’s crucial that we also prioritise the wellbeing of our construction workers and colleagues.

Each week at Colin Burke Electrical, our Health and Safety Officers will focus on Construction Safety Month focus topics. One of these will be working at heights which remains the leading cause of fatalities and major injuries within the construction sector.

Toolbox talks will continue throughout the month of October across our live sites.

Poster campaigns and email communications will also be paramount in spreading the message of Construction Safety Month to our colleagues.

  • Ensure that senior management actively participates in safety initiatives and visibly demonstrates a commitment to safety.
  • Allocate necessary resources to support safety programs and initiatives.
  • Train employees to recognize electrical hazards, including exposed wires, overloaded circuits, and damaged equipment.

For Safety Month this year we have organised a variety of coaching sessions with our employees focusing on recognising critical risks within our industry. We have invited other speakers to visit our sites to carry out Training sessions on how to be aware and manage risks on site.

We are also holding various competitions regarding safety standards with all our personnel on the various Sites.

Supporting the CIF with their safety training and awareness.

We have been a partner of CIF previously and we intend to educate our audience with construction safety tips and information!

We have a team bonding day, with wellness and mental health activities. Training courses for the guys on site and up-skilling on health and safety for our office based team.

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