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What Happened?

  • A Peri shutter panel was being lifted by a tower crane to form a perimeter retaining wall.
  • As the panel was being lowered to its final position (approximately 9 feet above ground level), the Peri Ply element came away from the structural element of the shutter panel frame and landed to the ground.
  • No injuries were sustained.


Why it Happened?

  • Rivets on the Peri shutter panel failed.
  • A thorough inspection of peri shutter panel was not identified as a requirement onsite.


Immediate Learnings / Recommendations

  1. Tap Test carried out by shuttering carpenters and slinger/signallers prior to lifting the panels to ensure the Peri Ply element is securely attached to the panel.
  2. Incorporate Peri’s quality control procedure for shutter panels on site.
  3. Briefing with all slinger/signaller on landing shutters to ensure minimum impact to the shutter when landing, as this can affect the integrity of the rivets.

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