What happened?

IP sustained a broken finger when impacted by a concrete chute.

How did this happen?

Poor communication – Operative A was performing the role of spotter while a concrete lorry was reversing. Operative A pulled the chute into position with his hand on the end of the chute. Not realising he had his hand on the end of the chute his colleague, operative B, flipped over the extension piece of the chute, catching the operatives’ finger between the 2 sections.  This resulted in him breaking his index finger. Operative A was not using the handles on the chute and there was a lack of communication between operative A and B.

What are we doing to prevent recurrence?

  • The concrete pump operator is responsible for operating equipment.
  • Operatives must follow the direction of the pump operator if assisting.
  • Operative must use the handles provided to manoeuvre the concrete chute.

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