Milestone Advisory



CPAS established Milestone Advisory in 2014 to provide additional services to CPAS clients and to the broader CIF membership. Milestone is a financial advice business, offering financial planning services and advice across a wide range of financial products.

The Milestone approach is based on assisting clients to achieve their financial objectives through a rigorous process that includes:

  • Helping clients identify their desired financial outcomes
  • Helping clients understand their current financial position
  • Assisting clients in identifying their tolerance for risk
  • Developing a financial plan that will outline how clients can achieve their objectives
  • Helping clients to implement that plan through putting the required solutions in place.

The approach is based on achieving desired outcomes rather than a “product push” approach. The goal for Milestone is to build long-term, valued relationships with clients, helping them to achieve their financial objectives.

Typically the types of objectives that Milestone assists clients in achieving are largely based on their stage of life. These can be best outlined as follows:

  • Pre-retirement Planning
  • At retirement Planning
  • Post retirement Planning

Milestone Advisory DAC t/a Milestone Advisory is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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