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24 Mar 2021

In our latest guest blog, our partners RDT Care discuss antigen testing solutions.


The CIF continues to advocate for the reopening of the entire industry immediately and insists that our industry needs certainty about reopening as early as possible. The current uncertainty is untenable and threatens the industry, our employees and our ability to deliver on the Government’s housing and infrastructure commitments. Irish Covid-19 testing company RDT Care can provide a solution for this crisis.


RDT Care is a nurse- led team who conduct EU approved, Rapid Antigen and Rapid PCR tests with results issued within 30 mins all on site.


Results are issued using the secure digital V-Health Passport app- https://v-healthpassport.co.uk/. The app automatically generates a personalised secure VCode, which is fully accessible on all electronic devices including phone and laptops. This VCode can be scanned at any entrance to securely display whether an individual has received a Covid-19 test before they enter the construction site ensuring that only people with negative test results can gain access. It has successfully been applied on large sites within the U.K using “Scan and Enter”


This solution allows us to:


  • Detect any Covid 19 cases immediately (using the German Manufactured Rapid antigen test, EU Commission certified and CE certified)
  • Provide an early warning of a potential outbreak to manage all positive tests in line with Government guidelines
  • Enable personnel to work COVID-safely across multiple sites
  • Prioritise key personnel and their substitutes
  • Form ‘Bubbles’ for critical working periods
  • Reduce isolation time for members of a bubble, in the event of a positive case. PCR testing available results in 30 minutes.
  • Test in advance of critical working periods to provide assurance, and adequate time to make any necessary substitutions
  • Reduce the impact of a major outbreak – HSE would look favourably upon the best practice we are adopting and would be unlikely to force a site lockdown
  • Provide up-to-date information and communications to the entire workforce
  • Minimise disruption to work by individuals booking their tests
  • Increase wellbeing and confidence within the workforce, due to enhanced Covid security


According to RDT Care’s Executive Nurse, Cara Cottam, the system’s simplicity is key; ‘’Our system is extremely easy to use and simple to understand. To keep their employees safe, a company or organisation may want to introduce regular testing for people entering a construction site. We provide the end-to-end system which allows them to do this. The app can also be used for contact tracing, and if there is a confirmed case it can identify close contacts.’’

Cara went on to say; ‘’what we do at RDT Care is bring it all together into a custom-built service for companies and organisations to meet their needs. Our experienced team of registered nurses provide the on-site testing, provide the results and put this all together on the V-Health Passport. The system is fully adaptable and can be used with PCR, LAMP, antigen or antibody tests.’’


Ireland is the only country that has shut down its construction industry. The lack of cases and outbreaks on construction sites show our workers can return to work without spreading Covid-19 in the community.


RDT Care can provide construction sites with what they need to ensure they can run their operation safely and successfully. Our unique workflow design which will maximise the flow within your organisation and protect the workers. Our experienced, trained medical personnel can come to your chosen Site to carry out group testing, ensuring minimal disruption to your work practice.


RDT Care provides assurance and peace of mind in the workplace, monitor and compliance to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This will give confidence to fellow workers returning to their workplace.

For further information: Contact [email protected] or visit our website at www.rdtcare.com







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