Construction Contracts, Disputes and Dispute Avoidance

25 Jun 2021
On Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, the CIF hosted a webinar, delivered by Decipher, LK Shields & Herbots Solicitors entitled “Construction Contracts, Disputes and Dispute Avoidance”.

• Introduction and background / discussion of CIF policy documents with Sean Downey, CIF.
Bruno Herbots – Herbots Solicitors: Where are we now and what are our options?
• Has adjudication been the panacea that it was hoped it would be?
• Where is conciliation now, and why might you choose conciliation over adjudication?
• What about other options – dispute boards, early dispute avoidance?
Jamie Ritchie – LK Shields: A look at the recent court decisions relating to adjudication, and what they mean for future disputes.
• What do the recent court decisions mean for the industry?
• What are the implications of the recent court practice note – will we see quicker decisions?
• How does adjudication fit with the CIF’s aims? What improvements are still needed for adjudication to be truly useful?
Bill Bordill – Decipher: A look at the key things people need to consider when preparing for adjudication or any form of dispute resolution.
• The key elements of a claim – causation, effect, entitlement, substantiation.
• What records should we be keeping and how?
• What about technology? Should we be looking for technological solutions to assist with claim preparation and resolution?
• Q&A and Close with Paul Sheridan, CIF

View the recording below.


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