Irish Home Builders Association welcomes Government announcement of measures to aid housing supply

25 Apr 2023

The Irish Home Builders Association, a member body of the Construction Industry Federation, today welcomed the Government’s announcement of measures to aid housing supply.

Conor O’Connell, Director of Housing and Planning with the Construction Industry Federation and Director of the Irish Home Builders Association said: “These reductions in development contribution scheme charges and water connection charges will help housebuilders deliver more homes for people following several years of disruption and increases in material and delivery costs.

“There has been an exceptional period of disruption caused by Covid, the war in Ukraine, interest rate rises and the subsequent energy costs increases, all of which have impacted on the delivery of much-needed new homes.

“Exceptional times called for an exceptional intervention in regulatory costs associated with new housing supply. These measures will reduce the cost of constructing a home and ensure that many housing projects currently stalled can now secure funding.

“The support announced for the advancement of cost rental is particularly welcome, as we are aware that it has been difficult to achieve cost rental with high delivery costs.

“It is vital that material and regulatory cost stability is maintained to support the delivery of homes across the country.”


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