CSO Publishes Latest Planning Permission Statistics

14 Jun 2023

The CSO has published the most recent planning permission statistics for Quarter 1 2023. There has been an increase of 37.8% in the number of dwelling units approved in the first quarter of the year, with housing units accounting for 53% of all dwelling units approved, compared to apartments making up the remaining 47%.


6,146 housing units were approved in Q1 2023, compared to 4,687 units in Q1 2022. The first quarter of the year also saw an increase in the number of apartments granted permission (5,513) compared to Q1 2022 (3,776). Even so, this is the third consecutive quarter where there have been more houses granted planning permission than apartments.


Conor O’Connell, Director of Housing and Planning in the Construction Industry Federation said: “The decrease in the number of apartments being built highlights the continued viability concerns associated with this accommodation type. This stems from inflation, the war in Ukraine and increased material costs. While the planning permission figures are positive and highlight the positive impact of the government’s commitment to adequately resource the planning system, which the Irish Home Builders Association welcomes, these figures will need to be maintained to meet the population’s increased housing needs.”


The headline figures are as follows:

  • An annual increase of 37.8% in the total number of dwelling units approved in Q1 2023.
  • Housing units accounted for 53% of all dwelling units approved. Apartments accounted for the remaining 47%.
  • The number of houses granted planning permission rose by 31% on an annual basis to 6,146 housing units. Apartment approvals rose by 46% to 5,513 units.
  • There was an annual rise of over 81% in the number of multi-development houses obtaining planning permission.

Read the CSO report.

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