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CIF Member Focus: STS Leading the way in Electrical Engineering

27th Jul 2017 Providing electrical engineering, instrumentation, design and commissioning services, the STS Group, with decades of experience on international projects combined with target focused flexibility and innovation, are leading the way in electrical engineering in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Anniversary of the introduction of the Construction Contracts Act

25th Jul 2017 The introduction of the Construction Contracts Act, 25th July 2016 passed off without any major crisis or incident. What was lauded as an impossible, unworkable Act by many commentators doesn’t seem to have led to a raft of disputes or caused any extensive credit issues for construction...

Member Blog: How to insulate your business from the PIR shortage

24th Jul 2017 The construction sector across Ireland and the UK is currently experiencing a severe shortage of PIR insulation as a result of insufficient supply of Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate . The shortage was caused primarily by disruption to the raw materials supply chain, with upgrades to major...