Learning & Development Resources

Price Variation Mechanism Reform in the Public Works Contracts

A joint webinar presented by the CIF, SCSI and OGP presenting a detailed overview of the new mechanism including how it will operate and how material cost inflation will be calculated.

Construction Contracts Act

CIF Retention Presentation by Quigg Golden

Inflation Framework Agreement

Quigg Golden Top Tips on Suspension and Frustration in Contracts

Short Videos

Bitesized Learning on important topics

  • Design Risk and BCAR
    • This page contains a series of videos on design responsibility and the process under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014
  • Construction Contracts Act 2013
    • This page contains a series of videos on the operation and application of the Construction Contracts Act


Webinars delivered by CIF in conjunction with our corporate partners

Recent webinars delivered by the CIF can be accessed here

Topics covered include:

  • Adjudication – How to run one from start to finish
  • Liquidated and Ascertained Damages
  • Public Works Contract and CWMF Amendments July 2023

Webinars on CIF Training Site

Extensions of Time and Liquidated and Ascertained Damages in Construction Contracts (November 2022)

Private Sector Contract and Force Majeure

Irish Offshore Construction and related Infrastructure Contracts – Legal Overview of the Developing Market

Pre-Qualification for Public Works Contracts Webinar (13.10.2021)

Declaron – ‘Keeping Business Moving: Construction Post Brexit’

CIF & EY Brexit Webinar

CIF & EFC Brexit Webinar

CIF & Davy – Sustainability & Green Procurement

Bonds in the Construction Industry – Byrne Wallace LLP & DRS Bond Management

CIF Southern Region – HSE Future Capital Construction Projects Webinar (Sept 2022)

Digital Transformation – HSE Capital & Estates’ Journey (May 2022)

Inflation Framework Agreement (10th May / 2nd June 2022)

Making the Perfect Claim

CIF Webinar: Effective Record Keeping – The Dos and Don’ts

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