Safety, Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2022
Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar) – Site Safety

January 2022

Refocus on Site Safety
January represents an opportunity to reflect on the year that has ended, and to set new goals for the year ahead. This is particularly true for safety, health and wellbeing. On a personal level, we may seek to enhance our health and wellbeing, to lose extra pounds gained over the festive season by Staying Active or to continue to take precautions against COVID-19 (coronavirus) – The same applies to workplaces, where we must re-focus our efforts in addressing site safety hazards such as working at height, proximity to mobile plant and machinery, live services, construction dust and the potential to slip, trip and fall. We should review past activities and aim to learn from successes, failures, incidents and near misses.

February 2022

Hazardous Substances
The theme for February is on hazardous substances (including the labelling, containment and handling of chemicals), and precautions when encountering welding fumes and construction dust. Additionally, we are reminded of the need for contingency planning in all that we do.
The 4th of February 2022 represents World Cancer Day 2022. Cancer is attributed to the death of 10 million persons annually across the globe. More than one third of cancer cases are preventable by taking measures to reduce personal exposure to tobacco, obesity, physical inactivity, infections, alcohol, environmental pollution, occupational carcinogens and radiation. Another third of cancers are curable when detected early and treated properly.

March 2022

Ladders & Safe Working at Height
In March, we again focus on safe working at height, including the selection and use of ladders, scaffolding and other supports. Annually, working at height is the greatest contributor to workplace fatalities in construction, with many falls occurring at relatively low heights (e.g. 2 or 3 metres above ground level) and for tasks of short duration.
From a health perspective, we are reminded that 1 in every 2 smokers worldwide will die of a tobacco-related disease, and that support for smokers is readily available at:
From a well-being perspective, International Women’s Day falls on 8th March, and the campaign theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias

Member Toolbox Talks

January 2022 – Refocus on Site Safety

“January may be upon us, and the holidays consigned to memory, though the days are getting brighter, and the new year affords us the opportunity to take stock, to assess what’s important and to set new goals. For all workplaces, the safety of workers must be the foremost consideration. I would encourage all persons working in construction to keep safe by reviewing the controls put in place to ensure you and your colleagues go home safely”
Dermot Carey, Director – Safety & Training, CIF

February 2022 – Hazardous Substances

“When working in construction we can come in contact with a number of hazardous substances. It is imperative that all parties are aware of the significance of the ill health effects these cause and the main risk factors behind them.”
Aoife Gilheany, Head of Health and Safety, SONICA

March 2022 – Ladders & Safe Working at Height

“Steps, or step ladders are one of the most used, and abused, pieces of equipment on a construction site. When abused and misused, they have enormous potential to cause accidents and injuries. Falling from a height is a major cause of fatalities in the construction industry. More than half of falls from a height of over 2 metres result in death or a life changing injury. Any fall from a height has the potential to cause serious life changing injuries. Most falls that result in serious injuries are from a relatively short distance 2-3 metres. Fall prevention is much better than dealing with the consequences of a fall from height. Remember it’s not the fall, it’s the sudden stop that causes the damage”
Michael Murphy, Head of Health and Safety, Laois Scaffolding Hire Ltd.

CIF Member-only Content

CIF Management of Temporary Works Design

20th September 2023 pdf (5.28 MB)

CIF Guidance – Rescue from Tower Cranes

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CIF Guidance – Interacting with Emergency Services

20th September 2023 docx (382.01 KB)

Tool Box Talk – Dust Prevention Measures

2nd April 2024 pdf (761.26 KB)

Guidance Manual for RCS Dust

2nd April 2024 pdf (1.93 MB)

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