Safety, Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2023
Quarter 2 (Apr-Jun) – Safety by Example

April 2023

Safety by Example
Often, the best leadership approaches are those that affect others’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, without need for formal authoritative means. This is at the core of health and safety management, whereby every worker is empowered (and possesses a duty of care), to protect their own safety, health and wellbeing, and that of their work colleagues. Jacinta M. Kitt has recorded a 27-min video for the CIF on the Importance of a Positive Work Environment for Effectiveness & Wellbeing and Dearbhla of SheConstructs has provided a 2-min. video entitled ‘Fairness, Inclusion & Respect’. Additionally, World Health Day 2023 falls on 7th April, and this year, WHO will observe its 75th birthday. This date represents an opportunity to motivate action to tackle the safety and health challenges of today, and tomorrow. World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2023 will be commemorated on 28th April and will explore the topic of a safe and healthy working environment as a fundamental principle and right at work. We also recognise Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in April, with almost 2,800 people diagnosed annually.

May 2023

Skin Cancer Prevention
May 2023 is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland, with most cases caused by UV rays from the sun. While we may love to see the sun, it quickly becomes an occupational hazard to those working in it – Micheal Earley’s toolbox talk outlines the need to advises to check the UV Index daily and to follow public health advice. The CIF Health and Safety Summit 2023, as scheduled for Thu, 25th May at Croke Park provides an opportunity to discuss leading and managing safety and health in today’s construction industry. World No Tobacco Day 2023 falls on 31st May; not only is Smoking proven to be bad for health, it also contributes to deforestation of 200,000 hectares a year.

June 2023

Health for All
International Men’s Health Week commences on 12th June. Research undertaken by the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) highlights that men experience a disproportionate burden of ill-health and ultimately die younger than women do. As explained by Peter Quigley in his shared toolbox talk, poor lifestyles are responsible for a high proportion of chronic diseases, whilst late presentation of symptoms or ill health to medical experts can hinder treatment. World Environment Day (WED) falls on 5th June. The theme for 2023 is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ and the hashtag is #GenerationRestoration. With circa 700 persons in Ireland diagnosed with kidney cancer annually, we recognise World Kidney Cancer Day on 15th June. The Construction Industry Helpline is a free, 24/7 confidential employee assistance helpline and app for everyone in the Irish construction industry; freephone 1800 939 122 / text HARDHAT to 50808. The Lighthouse Club Summer Lunch is scheduled for 9th June at Croke Park Conference Centre.

Member Toolbox Talks

April 2023 – Safety by Example

“The lowest standard that we demonstrate leading by example is the highest standard we can expect from others who follow. We believe that it is ok to make mistakes, and unacceptable not to learn from them. By working collaboratively, we can collectively improve.”
Paul Daly, HSQE Area Manager, Coffey

May 2023 – Skin Cancer Prevention

“I was young, naive and loved the sun. Rarely, if ever, did I suffer from sunburn but a phone call in my late 20s changed my ways when I got word that I had melanoma. What is that? I asked.
I didn’t pass any attention to the risks or preventative measures of sun exposure until that call. Luckily, and following operations and treatment, I am okay, and a priceless lesson was learned. Be smart: Protect your skin.”
Micheal Earley, Health and Safety Manager, Hegarty Demolition Ltd.

June 2023 – Health for All

“Potential Hazards: Ill health. Unhappiness. Chronic discomfort. Lack of energy. Distraction, frustration, annoyance displeasure or hostility.”
Peter Quigley, Head of Environment Health Safety and Sustainability, Wills Bros Ltd.

CIF Member-only Content

CIF Mental Health Report Aug 2020

2nd April 2024 pdf (2.84 MB)

Tool Box Talk – Dust Prevention Measures

2nd April 2024 pdf (761.26 KB)

Guidance Manual for RCS Dust

2nd April 2024 pdf (1.93 MB)

Sample Policy on Intoxicants at Work

16th January 2024 docx (477.30 KB)

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A selection of videos is provided, relevant to the focus areas.

Understanding UV Index and what to do

Useful Downloads

CIF – Mental Health and Self-Care

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CIF – Toolbox Talk for Men’s Health

CIF – Infographic for Skin Cancer Prevention for Site Workers

Healthy Ireland – Strategic Action Plan 2021-2025

Healthy Ireland – The Food Pyramid Poster

Healthy Ireland – The Food Pyramid

HSE – Skin Cancer Prevention Infographic

HSE – Template Workplace Sun Safety Policy

HSE – Sun Protection Initiative Monitoring Form

Lighthouse Club – Help Inside the Hard Hat Posters

National Cancer Control Programme – SunSmart Risk Assessment Tool

Safety Representatives in Construction Information Sheet June 2023

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