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What Happened / Impact?

The lid of a Job-Box unexpectantly slammed closed on an individual’s hand resulting in a 10mm laceration between the thumb and index finger of their right hand.

The Injured Person (IP) was helping setup a workstation for fusion welding on a gas main. The IP went to retrieve the welding machine from the Job-Box when the lid closed suddenly on their hand. The injury necessitated surgery to repair tendons in the IP’s hand.


Why it Happened?

Immediate Cause:  The lid of the Job-Box closed on the IP’s hand.
Underlying Cause:  A chain fitted to the lid of the Job-Box was ineffective and did not prevent the lid from ‘slamming’ closed.
Root Cause:  Defective equipment; the Job-Box was not fitted with a safety catch (or a slow-closing mechanism) that would have prevented injury by retaining the lid in the open position.


Immediate Learnings / Recommendations

The Job-Box was removed from site and replaced with a replacement Job-Box incorporating a slow-closing mechanism.

See example provided of a Job-Box with safety devices to prevent lid from closing unintentionally.

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