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What Happened / Impact?

  • In July 2019, emergency crews were called to Glasgow’s Union Street following reports that a printed wrap attached to scaffolding had become loose and was considered as potentially dangerous to users of the street.
  • The printed wrap / banner attached to the scaffolding of a building had come loose from several of its fixings and posed a safety risk for passers-by and to traffic.
  • The adjacent road was closed in both directions temporarily pending resolution.
  • There were no reports of any injuries.


Immediate Learnings / Recommendations

  1. Consider the need for a temporary works design, mindful of the materials used, the affixing substrate, construction methods, the duration for use and any other influencing factors.
  2. Tailor the design considering local wind conditions and associated loading and use suitable materials (e.g. PVC-coated polyester with open mesh to reduce wind loading).
  3. Consider designing bespoke bracketry to create support points (e.g. incorporate bungee lacing to allow for tensioning without stress on the supports).
  4. Use competent providers for both the design and installation.

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