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What Happened?

When loading pedestrian barriers onto a pick-up truck, the injured party moved back towards the side of the pick-up.  He then lost his balance and fell backwards over the rail, landing on the ground, sustaining injuries to his back and shoulders.

The photograph provided is for illustration only.


Corrective Actions

  • Pick-up trucks provided by the Company are fitted with edge protection, as illustrated.
  • On the day of the incident, a company vehicle was recalled for service and a replacement (hired) vehicle was used.  The replacement vehicle did not have edge protection around the bed of the pick-up and thus did not provide fall protection.


Immediate Learnings / Recommendations

  1. Ensure that the company’s policies and procedures are adhered to when replacement vehicles are sourced externally.
  2. Contact all vehicle rental companies with whom the company contracts for the supply of temporary vehicles, advising of the requirement for edge protection where there is a risk of injury to the vehicle user.
  3. Ensure that all senior staff and supervisors are aware of the company’s requirements for edge protection on vehicles where there is a risk of falls from height and that personnel should not proceed if the edge protection is not in place.

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