Construction Executive Retirement Savings (CERS)



With over 4,000 active and deferred members, CERS is an award winning multi employer scheme providing pension and protection benefits to individual employers in the construction and related industries. Through its flexible structure, CERS can meet the particular needs of each Employer and Member by providing bespoke and varying pension solutions for each participating employer.

CERS is a Master-trust arrangement with an independent Trustee Company. This removes the burden of time and cost for employers and provides peace of mind at no extra cost. It is a very easy process for an Employer to set up a new CERS arrangement.

CERS offers a very competitive charging structure with no charges on transfers in or out of CERS. There is 100% allocation on all contributions received and there are no additional charges for standard expert legal and actuarial advice.

CERS also offers a wide range of investment choices including a Multi Asset Fund. A default lifestyling investment strategy is available, offering a de-risking strategy for members as they approach retirement. An ARF lifestyle strategy is also available to those members who wish to go the ARF route at retirement.

Members of CERS can also choose additional death in service benefits such as lump sum benefits, a spouse’s/dependant’s pension and a children’s pension, all at competitive premiums.

In addition to their excellent service proposition, CERS offers a safe and secure platform providing 24/7 Member Online access to their account information and values and a bespoke pension calculator to assist members in planning for their retirement.

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