Working at Height - 19 May 2021

2021/07 – Construction Fatality (No.3 of 2021)

It is with sadness that we confirm the third fatality in construction for 2021.

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Cranes - 05 Feb 2021

2021/05 – Peri Panel Failure During Lifting

A Peri shutter panel was being lifted by a tower crane to form a perimeter retaining wall. As the panel was being lowered to its final position (approximately 9 feet above ground level), the Peri Ply element came away from the structural element of the shutter panel frame and landed to the ground.

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Machinery & Equipment - 16 Jan 2020

2020/02 – Coordinating Interfacing Operations

Two individuals working for a subcontractor were injured in a fall from height. Tragically, one suffered fatal injuries. The scissor lift they were working from was struck by an overhead travelling crane operated by a third-party contractor engaged by the client, causing it to topple over.

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Working at Height - 10 Dec 2019

2019/10 – Loose Scaffolding Banner

A printed wrap / banner attached to the scaffolding of a building came loose from several of its fixings and posed a safety risk for passers-by and to traffic.

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Working at Height - 25 Apr 2019

2019/06 – Working at Height Fatality

We lament the first confirmed fatality at work for the Irish construction sector in 2019.

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Working at Height - 15 Feb 2019

2019/02 – Temporary Working Platforms

The 2018 Irish Water HSQE inspection programme identified a significant number of safety findings relating to temporary work platforms on shuttering systems. Examples included.

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