Safety, Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2024
Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar) – Safety Leadership

January 2024

Work at Height

Throughout January, the focus is on safe working at height, to include MEWPs, cherry pickers, scaffolding, ladders etc. In 2023 six fatalities occurred related to work at Height. The key messaging to ensure Safe Working at Height is to (a) undertake risk assessments for work at height activities, (b) follow the ‘General Principles of Prevention’, taking steps to avoid, prevent or reduce risks, (c) ensure work is carried out by a competent person which is properly planned and organised (d) choose appropriate work equipment and prioritise collective measures to prevent falls (such as guard rails and working platforms) before other measures which may only reduce the distance and consequences of a fall (such as nets or airbags) or may only provide fall-arrest (personal protection system) by which a fall is arrested to prevent the collision of the user with the ground or structure. Implement appropriate rescue and emergency plans.

February 2024

Safety Leadership

Safety leadership is a crucial component of construction management, where the welfare of the workforce is of paramount importance success of both the project and the individuals involved. Often, the best leadership approaches are those that affect others’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, without need for formal authoritative means. This is at the core of health and safety management, whereby every worker is empowered (and possesses a duty of care), to protect their own safety, health, and wellbeing, and that of their work colleagues. Jacinta M. Kitt has recorded a 27-min video for the CIF on the Importance of a Positive Work Environment for Effectiveness & Wellbeing and Dearbhla of SheConstructs has provided a 2-min. video entitled ‘Fairness, Inclusion & Respect’.

March 2024


The abuse of an intoxicant (alcohol or drugs or prescribed drugs or over the counter prescriptions) may impair an individual’s overall wellbeing and ability to perform their job safely. As employees, we are all required to be fit for work and to remain fit to work throughout our shift. Check out HSE guidance on Alcohol and Smoking. We are reminded that 1 in 2 smokers worldwide will die of a tobacco-related disease.

International Women’s Day 2024 falls on the 7th of March and is an opportunity to #EmbraceEquity. Please join the CIF in the Castleknock Hotel on the 7th of March to discuss the importance this theme, with female representation currently at 8% of the overall construction workforce.

Member Toolbox Talks

January 2024 – Safe Working at Height and Emergency Rescue Plans

“Falling from a height is a major cause of fatalities in the construction industry. In 2023 there was seven related falls from height resulting in fatalities in Ireland. It is imperative to ensure that all work at height is properly planned, and that the required personnel have completed a comprehensive Work at Height Training Program.”
Ronan Redmond, CIF

February 2024 – Safety by Example

“Leadership is an essential part of a health and safety management system because attitudes to safety and health are determined by top management. Often, the best leadership approaches are those that affect others’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, without need for formal authoritative means.”

March 2024 – Intoxication at Work

“Currently, Ireland has no health and safety legislation that requires employers to test employees for intoxicants. Therefore, most Irish organisations choose not to implement policies to test their staff for the presence of such substances. If an employee is intoxicated while at work, it can pose several serious health and safety risks.”

CIF Member-only Content

Tool Box Talk – Dust Prevention Measures

2nd April 2024 pdf (761.26 KB)

Guidance Manual for RCS Dust

2nd April 2024 pdf (1.93 MB)

Sample Policy on Intoxicants at Work

16th January 2024 docx (477.30 KB)

Management of Construction Dust

16th January 2024 docx, pdf, pptx, xlsx (14.45 MB)

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Useful Videos

A selection of videos is provided, relevant to the focus areas.

CIF – Dearbhla, SheConstructs – Fairness, Inclusion & Respect

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Guidance documents are referenced and made available for free download.

CIF – Toolbox Talk – Refocus on Site Safety

CIF – Toolbox Talk – Hazardous Substances

HSA – High visibility clothing for use around moving vehicles

HSE – Think Lung Cancer – Early Detection Improves Survival

Lighthouse Club – Lighthouse Club Poster

Lighthouse Club – All About Us – Lighthouse Club

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