Machinery & Equipment - 05 Mar 2020

2020/03 – Thumb Injury using Drill

A worker was drilling unistrut using a 36-volt battery drill on an upturned cable reel. The worker was holding the unistrut in place with his left-hand and using the hand-held drill with their right. When drilling the unistrut, the drill slid across the unistrut and met the workers left-hand thumb, resulting in a serious injury to his thumb.

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Mechanical & Electrical Services - 12 Apr 2019

2019/05 – Uncharted Electricity Cable Strike

A reminder of the potential dangerous when working near underground services. A worker was hand-digging a trial hole in a footpath when their shovel encountered an unmarked, uncharted, pot-ended cable resulting in a minor flash and some smoke. The potential outcome could have been much more serious.

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