Construction and IT shrug off pandemic pressure on wages

In our latest guest blog, Stephen Hoban, Director of Construction, Design & Engineering at Azon, discusses a new salary survey conducted by Azon Recruitment.  A new salary survey by Azon

CIF News - 18 Feb 2021
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Understanding the Cause of Customs Delays Due to Brexit

In our latest guest blog, our partners Declaron discuss the cause of customs delays, due to Brexit.   Understanding the Cause of Customs Delays Due to Brexit We have gained

CIF News - 15 Feb 2021
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In our latest guest blog, Azon discuss sales & marketing in the construction industry. Construction might not be your first port of call when considering a new sector as a

CIF News - 12 Feb 2021
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New Code of Practice on Workplace Bullying

Anthony Brady, Industrial Relations and Employment Services Executive with the CIF, discusses the new Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work

CIF News - 09 Feb 2021
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What is on your financial agenda for 2021?

In our latest guest blog, Susan O’Mara of Milestone Advisory offers guidance on pension contributions and investments.  Almost a year after Covid-19 first reached our shores, we continue to live

CIF News - 04 Feb 2021
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How AWS is supporting economic growth in Ireland

We’re delighted that AWS has invested so thoroughly in Ireland.  Ireland has become a central global hub for data centre construction in the last decade.   Like Atlas, Ireland now holds

CIF News - 02 Feb 2021
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Incoming CIF President says that the sector has never been stronger.

Incoming CIF President Frank Kelly wants to build on the positives that have come out of the industry’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. BARRY MCCALL reports.  As incoming CIF President

CIF News - 18 Jan 2021
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Construction Lockdown 2: COVID and The Four Corners of a Successful Claim

In our latest guest blog, Bill Bordhill from our partner Decipher consulting, discussing the “four corners of a successful claim”. On 6th January 2021, the Minister for Housing, Local Government

CIF News - 12 Jan 2021
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