Safety, Health and Wellbeing Calendar for 2022

Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar)

Site Safety

January 2022

Refocus on Site Safety to include awareness of the hazards of COVID-19, respirable crystalline silica dust, asbestos etc.

February 2022

Focus on hazardous substances, labelling and containment of chemicals, welding fumes, emergency preparedness etc.

March 2022

Focus on safe working at height, including selection and use of ladders.

Quarter 2 (Apr-Jun)

Health and Wellbeing

April 2022

Focus on mental health and wellbeing of all.

May 2022

Focus on skin cancer prevention from prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays.

June 2022

Focus on men’s health, both physiological and psychological.

Quarter 3 (Jul-Sep)

Look Up, Look Down and Look Around

July 2022

Focus on hazards associated with excavations and temporary works, including dangers of working near underground or overhead services.

August 2022

Focus on safe working at height, to include MEWPs, cherry pickers, scaffolding etc.

September 2022

Focus on safe lifting and loading, to include mobile and tower cranes.

Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec)

On the Road, Off-road and Onsite

October 2022

Focus on live roads / Construction Safety Month 2022.

November 2022

Focus on safe operation of mobile construction plant and machinery such as site dumpers, excavators, rollers etc.

December 2022

Focus on winterisation plans to include safe driving techniques.

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