Machinery & Equipment - 13 Dec 2022

2022/07 – Construction Fatality (No. 4 of 2022)

The deceased was operating a slipform kerbing machine when it overturned on uneven ground, and he became trapped underneath. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Transportation - 30 Nov 2022

2022/06 – Lorry Loader Stabilisers

In August of 2022, Skanska UK took a position to ban lorry loaders fitting with hydraulic tilting and hydraulic deployment stabiliser legs that rotate across the position of the fixed controls.

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Machinery & Equipment - 29 Jul 2021

2021/11 – Construction Fatality (No.5 of 2021)

We lament news of a recent workplace fatality in construction for 2021. This is the fifth confirmed fatality for the sector year to date. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased. RIP.

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Machinery & Equipment - 22 Jul 2021

2021/08 – Driving in Summer

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is reminding road users, particularly drivers, to be aware of the dangers posed by ‘sun glare’ during the summer months. Sun glare can result in drivers being temporarily dazzled or blinded by the intensity and brightness of the sun.

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Machinery & Equipment - 05 Feb 2021

2021/04 – Finger Injury with Concrete Chute

Injured person sustained a broken finger when impacted by a folding concrete chute.

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Machinery & Equipment - 07 Jan 2021

2021/01 – Edge Protection on Pick-up Truck

This lesson learned serves to highlight the potential hazards associated with working off a pick-up truck that is not equipped with edge protection.

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Machinery & Equipment - 27 Nov 2020

2020/08 – Vehicle and Spotter Contact

Resurfacing works were being carried at a newly installed crossroad junction. A worker stepped towards a bitumen spray truck on the assumption it was going straight. At the same time the bitumen spray truck driver swung the truck left resulting in the back of the bitumen spray truck swinging out to the right. The protruding back steps on the bitumen spray truck stuck the worker in the left shoulder knocking him to the ground.

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Machinery & Equipment - 04 Sep 2020

2020/07 – Pick-Up Catches Fire

While driving along a dual carriageway, the driver felt heat emanating from the driver’s footwell.  Quickly, the cab of the vehicle filled with black smoke. The driver pulled the vehicle over to the hard shoulder and departted the vehicle shortly before it went up in flames.

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Machinery & Equipment - 14 Jul 2020

2020/05 – Construction Work on Farms and Use of Concrete Slats

The Health and Safety Authority issued this safety alert in 2020 following a fatal accident involving construction work on a farm.

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Machinery & Equipment - 05 Mar 2020

2020/04 – Hand Crush Injury

Operatives were removing 1-meter kerbs from the shutter. The excavator driver was attempting to pick-up a kerb with the bucket of the machine when the injured person entered the red zone to assist the machine driver by lifting the front of the kerb into the excavator bucket. Subsequently, the excavator driver manoeuvred the bucket and caught the worker’s left hand between the kerb and the bucket, causing injury.

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